“State Of Siege Temple Attack” Review And Story Explanation – “Jeopardy”

State Of Siege Temple Attack is streaming on zee5S and SonyLiv. Main starcast is Akshaye Khanna, Mridul Das, Shivam Bhaargava, Vivek Dahiya, Gautam Rode, Manjari Fadnnis.  Moreover Click here to check another movies review. Altogether here you can read State Of Siege Temple Attack Review And Story Explanation.

  • In the first scene we saw some terrorist across the border, they kidnapped someone. Hanut Singh, he is the commando’s of NSG(National security guard), with his team is keeping eyes on terrorist. But they are not firing, because they’re only following their senior’s order.
  • Meanwhile all terrorist is now aware about, that NSG is going to attack on them, in next 15minutes. So they decide to evacuate from there, after that, Hanut Singh is the leader of this mission, so he allow his team to run behind them. Consequently Hanut Singh rescue the kidnapped man. But two main terrorist Abu Hamza & Bilal, is back firing on commandos.

After that, Hanut grab Abu Hamza, but at the same time, one terrorist fired a gun on Hanut and his friend. This is how Abu successfully escaped from there, but Bilal is in commandos hand.

Now we see story after 9months –

  • Hanut is memorising the same incident, and he’s feeling guilty. Because he was the lead of the operation, and his friend martyred in this war.
  • Altogether Abu Hamza is planing to attack in Krishna-Dham Temple at Gujrat.

Hanut and his friend Samar, they receive another operation, related to Gujrat CM’s security in one seminar. Now they reached in Gujrat, altogether, four terrorist to complete their mission, have came to Gujrat. The main two terrorist is Farooq, umad, and two others.

“State Of Siege Temple Attack” Review And Story Explanation

Now they four entered in Krishna Dham Temple, and start to firing there. Because of that, some devotee’s have died, now they’re locking the door of temple, and set the bomb there. If anyone will try to enter from this gate, then it’ll blow there.

Next to the temple we see a picture hall, where people is hiding after heard a gun shot. Farooq and Umaar, they’re making hostage those people who’s inside the cinema hall. Two other terrorist is making them hostage who’s inside the temple.

  • Now they’re demanding to release Bilal, as soon as possible, other wise they’ll kill a hostage in every half hour. Altogether they killed two man there.
  • Chintu is one of the hostages, Meanwhile Chintu’s father is making a call to his son, number, but Chintu’s mobile phone has already taken by Farooq. Therefore Farooq is threatning Chintu’s father, he’ll kill his son, if he doesn’t answer correctly, what is going outside? So in compulsion, Chintu’s father is detailing Farooq that Hanut Singh and his team is going to evaculate the hostage.

In the next scene we see, Hanut and some local police officer is trying to open the gate and it blast there, because of bomb. So now they’re going inside the temple, after that Farooq start to firing on Hanut and his team.

Then Rohit(Hanut team member) throw a grenade bomb inside the temple, but they didn’t unpin the grenade. After that, Farooq come out quietly from the hiding place, to throw that grenade. meanwhile Hanut fired a gun on Farooq. After that cunningly, Hanut killed Umaar.

Due to this, all hostages in cinema hall, have released freely.

Temple Attack?

In the next side, hostages inside the temple, is too under the two terrorist. So one of the terrorist attached a bomb on a hostage her name is Sejal, and allow her to go outside the temple.

To see Sejal like this Hanut and his team goes to rescue her, meanwhile the bomb blow there. Due to this some security guard wounded very badly, altogether, terrorist is taking advantage from this opportunity, and he fired a gun on Hanut. After that Hanut is now under treatment for some time, so now Hanut friend Samar is leading the operation.

Samar plan is to, cross the wall, and then encounter of those two terrorist. But outside, Chintu’s father is sharing information with Terrorist. This is why, terrorist is already aware and ready for war.

After that Hanut realise, there is someone who is leaking the information. Finally they find it is Chintu’s father. Now they’re making a plan to trap terrorist. Chintu’s father is again making a call to terrorist and saying – commando’s is planning something different, for that they need some days of planning.

Now terrorist is beleiving on Chintu’s father, meanwhile Hanut and his team surprisingly attack on them, and finally successfully they killed those terrorist.

Here in the next side Bilal is handover to Abu Hamaz, but at the border line, commandos encounter of Bilal.