“Collar Bomb” Movie Review And Story Explanation – Get Here Searing Way Of Daring

Collar Bomb is 2021 indian crime thriller movie released on Disney + Hotstar. Main starcast is Jimmy Sheirgill, Asha Negi, Rajshri Deshpande, etc. Moreover Click here to check another movies review. Altogether here you can read Collar Bomb Movie Review And Story Explanation.

  • In the starting of the movie we saw a guy his name is Manoj. Manoj is going to “Sent George school” for his son admission. Some day ago, “Neha” from the George school, has died, because she was missing since last 4 to 5 days.
  • Manoj is the S.H.O (Station House officer), so he and his team, was unable to rescue Neha, But they caught the killer.

In the next scene, we see a boy, who is going to the “George school”, he set a bomb in his shirt, and he have two gun in his hand. He’s threatning everyone there, Moreover he’s giving three task to Manoj, and after that he’ll allow him to genrate three passwords, and then the collar bomb will defuse automatically.

  • Police is investigating the information regards that boy, and his name is Sohaib Ali. Sohaib has worked in, a hotel, which is near to the school. Inspector Sumitra is collecting some information from hotel owner, meanwhile local people burnt his hotel, because a political leader was provoking them.
  • Then inspector Sumitra check, the leader phones, and she saw, just 15minutes ago, when Sohaib entered in school, he received a call from private number.

Collar Bomb Movie Review And Story Explanation

  • Sohaib is making a call someone, and `the guy who’s in the call, is giving his 1st task to Manoj – A student his name is “Maithyu”. The task is – Manoj will convince Maithyu mother, to kill Maithyu’s father. Consequently, Maithyu’s mom, killed her husband to safe her child. Therefore Manoj is now helping her to escape from there.
  • Maithyu’s father doesn’t like his son, so he used to hit his son a lot. So Maithyu’s doctor, who always come school for routine checkup of all students, and he know that, Maithyu’s father hitted him, a lot. Because “doctor Anmol” saw many wounds on Maithyu’s body.

When Manoj decide to go doctor Anmol’s house, he find Doctor is hanging, and someone give him poison. Meanwhile inspector Sumitra reached there, and she’s thinking Manoj killed him. So Manoj tied her hand from handcuffs.

Now Manoj received her 2nd task, a girl her name is Rita is giving instruction to him – Kidnap a guy his name is Ratan from his house. Rita give her 3rd task to Manoj – To evacuate Sohaib from the school, safely and alive. Here we know, Manoj is going ready to do her all task, because Rita is threatning him, if he’ll now do her work, then she’ll disclose his one crime recording in front of public.

Now we see a flashback story of Neha how she die?

  • Manoj and his team is searching Neha in a jungle, furthermore they find another girl in the same, jungle, and her name is Nabya. Now Nabya is telling to police – one guy was trying to raped them, then she kicked him, and escape from there alone, but Neha was unable to run from there.

Who’s Rita?

  • Meanwhile Manoj saw a guy who’s running there, Manoj thought this is the same guy, so he tied him, and took him behind the bar. By mistake, Manoj pushed him, and his head prickled in a sharp needle, and he died on the spot. Ratan is Manoj’s team member.

Now to hide this case, Manoj and Ratan is pretending like this, that the guy who’ve died was trying to kill Manoj, so that is why they encounter of him. Furthermore at the same place, they find Neha’s dead body in a well. But according to doctor Anmol post morterm report Neha was alive last 4 to 5 days, and she just died an hour ago.

So Manoj wants to close the case soon, so he’s saying to doctor Anmol, to make fake autopsy report of Neha, that she have died four days ago.

Story turns in present –

Manoj is taking help of Inspector Sumitra, for following his 3rd task. Now they enter in the school, where Rita is giving the code of bomb defuse to Manoj in a phone call, when it defuse, Sohaib try to evaculate from there. Meanwhile IRF team killed Sohaib in encounter. Suddenly we heard a gun shot, inside the class. Furthermore here we know “Rita is the school teacher”. Then Rita attached a collar bomb in Inspector Suchitra’s body. And saying to Manoj to take her out, from the way of underground.

At the last we know Rita’s story why she was doing this?

Rita’s husband was very abusive nature, so he everytime behave like an evil, with Rita and his son. So one day Rita decide to kill her husband and after that she go to prison for 10 years. When she realesed from jail, her child is now young and he’s following a wrong path, like robbing, threatning, etc, side by side he’s mentally sick.

So now Rita wants to her life new begening with her child. So she shifted here, and Rita decide to teach in George school. One day Rita’s child was running inside the jungle. Manoj thought he was killer, and he killed him without any reasons. Furthermore this recording was shooting by Rita, so that is why she was threatning Manoj.

After investigation, we know Nabya and Neha was fighting with each other. Therefore Nabya pushed Neha in a well. And no one comes to help her, so after 4 to 5 days she died there. This why Nabya give a fake statement to police that one guy try to raped them.

Now Manoj is behind the bar, because of fake and wrong evidence.

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