"Black Widow (2021)" Review And Story Explanation

“Black Widow (2021)” Review And Story Explanation – “An Amazing Miracle”

Black Widows TV Series

Black Widow” is Marvel Studios’ action-packed spy thriller Movie. Consequently Black Widow premiered on June 29, 2021, at Disney +Hotstar. Moreover Click here to check another movies review. Altogether to know here Black Widow (2021) Review And Story Explanation.

Story start from the year of 1995, with a beautiful family, where Alexie, Melina, and their daughters, Natasha and Yelena live together. One day Alexie gets back home and says that they have only 1 hour to leave the place. So Alexie gets his family over the helicopter, and fights the Avenger’s guards. They fight those guards and get their way out. When they’ve landed safely, we see that they weren’t a real family. They were working on a special mission. But Natasha and Yelena didn’t know about this.

Here we see Alexie boss Dreykov, who’s the chief of this mission, Dreykov has sent Melina for treatment because she has wounded in fight. He has sent Natasha and Yelena with the soldiers. Dreykov has started Natasha and Yelena‘s training, of fighting, to create his army. He names them Black Widow.

  • Time of 2016 – Natasha has grown up, she’d joined Avengers. But after that Natasha has moved up somewhere, to start her new life.
  • Moreover Yelena who’s yet under Dreykov’s control, is working on his mission. Yelena injures a girl while getting the box. Meanwhile that girl, throws a chemical at Yelena, because of that Yelena is out of Dreykov’s control, and she’s back to her senses. So now Yelena takes the tracker out and runs with the box.

Now a black Widow has informed Dreykov, after that he sends his task master to complete the mission.

Black Widow (2021)” Review And Story Explanation

Natasha’s one man provide her the same box of that Yelena had. That man said that he got that box from Natasha’s last apartment. Now the task master is going to fight with Natasha, but an actual task master was there for the box, not for her. After that she run away with the box from there.

Natasha finds some tube inside the box and photographs of hers, and Yelena’s there. Therefore Natasha reaches Yelena’s house, now Yelena tells to her, this tube gas can control men, and Dreykov use it over black widows for wrong purposes. Suddenly we saw a blast in their apartment, it was done by black widows, when they run out from there. Task Master comes after them, with the truck. So task master throws a dangerous arrow, under their car, it blasts, car flips and falls onto the train station. But finally Natasha & Yelena successfully run from there.

Here we know, Dreykov tortured and trained widow as a fighter but he had removed their uteruses as well. So they could serve him like robots. That’s why Yelena & Natasha decide to fighting Drekov. But they both don’t know where is Dreykov red room?

To find Dreykov’s red house, they help Alexie to rid from Dreykov prison. But Alexie tells them that he doesn’t know anything, he’d just used Alexie for his mission and then locked him up in jail. Now Alexie, Yelena & Natasha reach for Melina. She was experimenting over pigs, its pretty dangerous. It was the same gas that Alexie had stolen. Melina had prepared it for Dreykov.

Meanwhile Dreykov’s man comes there, and attack Alexie and he faints out. Yelena when goes to find Natasha. see that she’s fainted. Yelena is made a hostage as well.

They head towards the red room, it is in the sky, not at ground. That’s the reason why no one had ever found the red room. Natasha when gets back in senses, she finds herself in a jail, where Alexie is too in the jail next to her. In the next side Natasha disguished as Melina in the operation room, with Dreykov. Furthermore Melina is in the jail in place of Natasha, so she frees Alexie and herself.

Melina asks Alexie to fight task master, while she goes to destroy the red room. Melina is in the control room and Dreykov locks her there. But finally she get out from there.

Dreykov have created, a shield around him, so no one can kill him. When Dreykov’s shield gets removed, Natasha attacks him, But Melina has destroyed the engine and the red room is getting destroyed because of that. All the black Widow are going to rescue Dreykov, But Dreykov lets them fight Natasha and leaves. Meanwhile Yelena reaches there, throws the gas at them and normalize them. So now all black widow is running away for his life.

In the next side Melina and Alexie have left with the helicopter. But then they return to save their daughters. Now Yelena saw, that Dreykov is preparing to run. Meanwhile Yelena is about to destroy Dreykov’s helicopter. Yelena’s successful in it, but when Natasha goes with the parachute to protect her sister. She has saved Yelena but she sees that task master is after them.

After that Natasha remove task master’s mask and breaks her gas tube to get her normal. Red rooms is completely destroyes.

Yelena meets Natasha safe and sound, after that they see their parents alright too. Furthermore Natasha, gives Yelena the record of the rest of the black widows in the world. Natasha stopped there alone, to stop people from believing that Avengers are wrong.

Lastly Natasha takes a new helicopter and leaves to help avengers and movie ends too.

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