Navarasa Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation

Navarasa Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation –

Navarasa TV Series

The story is based on the nine human emotions – anger, compassion, courage, disgust, fear, laughter, love, peace and wonder. So click here to check Fear based story in Navarasa Season 1 Episode 6 Story.  Moreover you can find here another movies and web series review. Read full story of Navarasa Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation.

Courage –

At the starting of this Episode a we see a soldier and his name is “Wetri”. Wetri is pointing a gun on “Commrade”, and he is a Naxalite.

Now Story Turns In Flashback –

Wetri and his team is searching Naxalite in a jungle. Altogether this is Wertri’s first day of training. But all soldiers are unable to find Naxalite but they saw Naxalite tents, and decide to spent whole night there. After that a Naxalite attacked on soldiers leader, and he died on the spot.

Now all soldiers are firing together, in Naxalite, Consequently leader of the Naxalite has wounded by the Wetri.

Story Turn In Present –

In the next scene we see a pregnant lady and her name is Mutu-Laxmi. She is praying for her husband. Wetri is her huband. After Firing in jungle, all soldiers died, but no one have found Wetri’s dead body, there. So Laxmi is thinking Wetri is alive somewhere.

Now Story Turns In Flashback –

Naxalite Commrade is now under of Wetri. Somehow commrade healed his wound, and Wetri is too helping him. After that Commrade escaped from there in a hospital, but Wetri caught him there, and pointing a gun on Commarde. Because this is Wetri’s first day of training, so his hand is trembling to shoot commrade.

Meanwhile Commrade again escpaed from there. Wetri is now running behind him.

Now we see, present scene, no one knows about Wetri, and no one heard a death news of Wetri and commrade. Therefore Wetri’s wife is praying for her husband, after one years of he has disappeared.

So this is a courage based story, if Wetri show some courage to kill commrade, then now today he and his wife live together. But when he lost the opportunity to kill commrade, then now no one know where is wetri? Is he alive or not?

And The Episode 8 Ends Here.

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