Samantar Season 2 Episode 8 & 9 Story Explanation – “Remarkable Plummet”

At the end we have seen that Neema commited a sucide because of Kumar’s behaviour. To know the story ahead read Samantar Season 2 Episode 8 & 9 Story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Samantar Season 1 review. Click here to check Samantar Season 2 Episode 7.

When Kumar reached in Neema’s fuenral, Neema’s father kicked out him, from there.

Now we see, Kumar is seeing some visuals, that Neema is alive, but when he conscious, he find Neema has died.

  • Kumar wants to change his present, and now does not want to depand upon his past and future. Moreover he’s trying many efforts to change his life, he’s seeing Neema with him, everytime.
  • Altogether he’s searching new job, and after many try, he find a driver job. Kumar wants to take back his child Sanju from his father in law. But Kumar’s father-in-law is threatning, him, to don’t call there again.

In the next scene Kumar boss is asking to him – We’ve got many complaints from customer, that you talk to someone, in a car. Then he warn him, this should not happen again.

Now we see, Kumar is again seeing some visuals, that his wife Neema is forcing him, to take back his child. When Kumar and his friend go there, Kumar’s father-in-law, again get out him from his house. But Kumar Friend again try to convince him.

Samantar Season 2 Episode 8 & 9 Story Explanation

  • In the next scene, we see Kumar met a passanger, and she’s looking upset. When Kumar asked her what happened she told her life all story, and then Kumar realised, her life story is matching with Neema’s story. But the difference is here, Neema has died and she’s alive. When Kumar asked her name she answer –Sandhya Chakrapani.
  • Then Kumar realise it was all trap of Meera. She intentionally trapped Kumar, because Mr.Baviskar was a old man, and she was young, that is why she wants to clear her way.

After that Kumar felt very bad, and he goes to apologise, his friend. When he was on the way, his car bumped with the another car, and we see his body with injured.