Samantar Season 2 Ending Story Explanation

Samantar Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10) – “Remarkable Plummet”

Samantar TV Series

At the end of Samantar Season 2 Episode 9 we have seen that, when Kumar realised his apology. He goes to meet his friend, but one the way we saw, his car accident. To know the story ahead read Samantar Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10). Moreover click here to check Samantar Season 1 review. 

  • When Kumar open his eyes and get conscious, he found himself in Chakrapani house. Kumar is asking how he came here? Then Chakrapani answer him – You met with a small accident, and here you are. Kumar asked him- Who took me here?
  • Chakrapani reply -Your actions!
  • Kumar is feeling pride because he’s thinking now he didn’t read Chakrapani diary, so that mean, now his life is not going Parallel like Chakrapani’s life. But when Chakrapani ask him to read his diary again, then Kumar realised he was wrong.
  • Even he didn’t read his diary but the incident was going same, as Chakrapani already faced.

Then Kumar asked Chakrapani that last time he met his wife Sandhya Chkarapani, that mean his life is not parallel, like him. But Chakrapani replied – His wife name was, Bhakthi Chakrapani, and she has died from the heart attack.

  • Here Chakrapani is making him understand, but Kumar is not accepting the truth, that the actions was going same. Chakrapani said -The only difference is, that I didn’t lose that day, But I lose today because I was hopeful, that you might just defeat fate. Because you were, rebellious, you had that aggression, which I didn’t have it.
  • Chakrapani is saying that fate won, and we both lose. Because you didn’t change the things, even you know your future.

Samantar Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 10)

Kumar is asking what he have to do now then Chakrapani, answer – Now you must write down your past. Then you must play a new game with fate. Give your diaries to the person, whose palm is identical to yours. Chakrapani said to Kumar he’s free now, and where Kumar is right now, he’ll be imprisoned there for forever, he’ll be free from there, that day, when only Kumar own parallel comes looking for him. After that Chakrapani invisible from there. That mean it was Chakrapani’s sprit, who want to free, from earth, and the day has came.

In the same room, Kumar is now living with his soul, because he has died, and he’ll be free, that day, when Kumar, Parallel mans, will comes to meet him.

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