Ray Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

“Ray” Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation – “Best Startling Way Of Psychological Thrilled”

Ray TV Series

Ray is streaming on Netflix with Psychological thrilled seriesRay season 1 contains four Episode with different – different story. Furthermore The series inspired by the work of Satyajit Ray. The main star cast is Kay Kay Menon, Ali Fazal, Manoj Bajpayee, & Harshvardhan Kapoor, and all episode isn’t interlinked with each other. Moreover click here to check the review of Ray. So here You can click here to check Ray Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation. To know more about the show read Ray Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation.

Ray Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation


In the starting of this Episode we saw a man, and he’s Indrishish’s (Kay Kay Menon) uncle. One lawyer is talking with him, and saying your mother has died. But your mom, gave her all property in Indrishish name.

In the next scene we saw Indrishish, who loved a girl very much. Indrishish is a makeup artist, and the girl name is Juliet, Indrishish wants to prpose her, for marriage. Meanwhile Juliet reply him – If he wants to intimate with her, then she can allow him, but she’s not intrested in marry with someone. After that Indrishish heart broke, he’s very simple guy.

  • Next day Indrishish ‘is taking leave from his office, but Mr.Sen(Indrishish boss), was shouting on him. Beacuse he already took many leave for his grandmom treatment. So Mr.Sen didn’t give him leave, and then he gloomily come in his home.
  • When Indrishish return to his home, his landlord is arguing with him, because Indrishish didn’t pay his rent, since for many months.

One day, the same lawyer, meet to Indrishish, and he told Indrishish – That your grandmom has left 70lakh Rs for you, and then the lawyer provide him, a makeup book, which has given by Indrishish grandmom to Indrishish. Meanwhile in the same hotel, he saw Juliet with her one client. Where Juliet works as a prostitude, after that Indrishish hurt very badly and then he go from there.

Indrishish grandmom was loved him very much, and she was the one who trained Indrishish in makeup artist. By the help of makeup Indrishish grandmom can make anyone’s face. Indrishish lifetime capital he invested in his granmom treatment. That is why his grandmom gave her all property to Indrishish.

Attitude changed in ego

When Indrishish arrived at his home, he prepared a new face, by the help of his grandmom’s makeup book. Now he ask for room, to his landlord and he changed his name Amit Dutta. His landlord get ready to give him a room, because he’s unaware that man is Indrishish.

After that Indrishish felt very proud in himself, and his attitude changed in ego, that he can do anything now. Now he again makeup a new face, and then goes to meet Juliet, he offered some money to Juliet and then spend a full night with her.

  • When Indrishish arrived at his office, to take revenge from Mr.Sen, he prepared Mr.Sen face by makeup. Then Indrishish dressed up same as Mr.Sen, and goes to bank. Now he’s opening Mr.Sen bank account in bank, but for that Indrishish need Mr.Sen real Id, and he already made a fake ID of Mr.Sen with the help of a broker. When Mr.Sen account open, Indrishish reached in his cabin, and where he changed all details of Mr.Sen in Mr.Sen’s new account, and this new account is accessing by Indrishish. Furthermore company’s all money transferred in Mr.Sen new account, that mean Indrishish account.
  • When company’s owner get aware, he take the help of Police and police arrested Mr.Sen.
  • Now Indrishish is watching a news on Tv about a peer baba, who can read anyone eyes, and can speak the all truth of their life. Now Indrishish again take Amit Dutta’s face and goes to meet Peer baba, when Peer baba saw his eyes, he can’t read his eyes, then Peer baba asked his name, and Indrishish reply he’s Amit Dutta. Then Peer baba again asked his name, because he can’t read his face, and then Peer baba get understood, this man is hiding his real identity.

Ray Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

Conclusion –

  • Next day Indrishish watching a news on TV. A man his name is Rakesh who raped a little girl, and now he’s escaped somewhere. Then Indrishish changed his face again, and makeup his face like a Rakesh.
  • Now he again goes to meet to Peer baba. Peer baba is asking his name and he’s saying Rakesh, still baba can’t read his face. Then baba again ask his name until he don’t say his real name. But Indrishish is saying his name is Rakesh. Now Baba tells all truth about Indrishish life, in front of Indrishish. He get little socked to hear everything right, but still he’s saying his name is Rakesh and this is not his life story.

Now Baba said him, if you are not getting agree with your real identity, then I lose from you, and I wis you’ll live a whole life as a Rakesh. After heard this Indrishish pride in himself, that no one can lose him. Now police reached there to arrest Rakesh, then Indrishish said he’s not Rakesh it was just a makeup.

Indrishish tried to remove his makeup, but the makeup is not removing. Because now his face changed in Rakesh face for permanantly.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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