“Ray” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation – “Best Startling Way Of Psychological Thrilled”

Ray is streaming on Netflix with crime, drama, Psychological thrilled series. An additionally The series is directed by Srijit Mukherji, Vasan Bala and Abhishek Chaubey. Ray season 1 contains four Episode with different – different story. Furthermore The series released on 25 June 2021 on Netflix, inspired by the work of Satyajit Ray. The main star cast is Kay Kay Menon, Ali Fazal, Manoj Bajpayee, & Harshvardhan Kapoor, and all episode isn’t interlinked with each other. Moreover click here to check the review of Ray. To know more about the show read Ray Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation.

Ray” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

Forget Me Not

In the starting of the episode 1 we saw a girl Ria in the bar. In the same bar Ipshit is drinking, meanwhile Ria saw him & sit next to the Ipshit, and asking him – we was together in his 30th birthday, at Kailash Hotel in Aurangabad. Moreover Ipshit is denying that he never met her before, and he never visit Aurangabad before. Ipshit is saying may you have some misunderstanding. But the girl Ria is trying to memorise him, that he’s the same guy stayed with her for four days, in Aurangabad, now Ria tells everything about his personal life, like what is his wife name? and where he work? and all things was right. But still Ipshit is not accepting that he met her before.

Now we see Ipshit is very sharp minded man, and he never forget things easily, and his friend called him Computer mind. But now he’s looking in trouble and thinking why he can’t memorise, when he met Ria? and who was she? Then Ipshit goes to hospital, where his wife Amla gave birth to baby girl(Ananya). At the same evening Ipshit got best entrepreneur award.

After that Ipshit college friend Pachy comes to meet him, and he’s jobless, then Ipshit offered a job to Pachy in his company. Rahul is Ipshit company’s partner, and they both started work together in the same company. But due to Ipshit sharp mindset he’s now in higher position as compare to Rahul. Garry is close friend of Ipshit altogether Garry worked under the Ishpit.

Is It Dementia?

After got best entrepreneur award, Ipshit oragnise a little party in his home. Where Ipshit is asking to Pachy – Do you know, did I go before Aurangabad? Then Pachy reply – Yes we both went Aurangabad for three days, but after that you found a girl there, and you shifted with her for four day in Kailash hotel. After that Ipshit get socked how he can forget this incident.

Now Ipshit want to confirm, is this right that he went Aurangabad?, then he asked to Garry about that day shedule So Garry reply same what Pachy said. Next day Ipshit missed his one meeting meanwhile his partner Rahul memorise him, and says May you have tired so you need to rest, because you never forget your meeting. Next day he forget to fill petrol in his car.

Ipshit is troubling, how he’s forgetting all things day by day. Then doctor tells him he’s suffering from dementia, cause of high blood pressure. Meanwhile Garry send some pictures of Ria & Ipshit together, and now he’s sure that he has gone Aurangabad, but still he have no memory of there.

Now Ipshit admitted in hospital, where Ipshit assistent Maggi comes to meet him, furthermore she’s in physical relation with Ipshit. So Maggi aborted her four months baby, because Ipshit doesn’t want to built the relation with her. Meanwhile Ipshit wife Amla heard, their conversation, and then Amla decide to leave Ipshit and she go from there with her daughter Ananya. Ipshit cried in front of her, but she didn’t care.

In the next scene, Ipshit watchman Raju is returning him 8000rs because Raju borrowed the money from Ipshit, for his mother treatment. Now Ipshit condition is going worsen day by day, So Ipshit admitted in mental hospital, where Maggi is feeding him

Ray Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

“Conclusion” –

  • In the next scene we know, What was happening with Ipshit, was Maggi’s plan. She was taking revenge from Ipshit, because Ipshit forced her for abortion, and doctor told her she was baby girl. Ria is Maggi’s sister. Pachy, Garry, Raju, & Rahul was involved in this plan.
  • Beacause Rahul & Ipshit build their company together, but Ipshit never allow him, to work equally.
  • Ipshit promised Garry that he’ll make him company’s partner, but he was working as an third class employee.
  • Pachy was data analyst, and Ipshit gave him a peon job in his company.
  • Watchman Raju’s mother was very sick, and everyone helped him to give some money for his mother treatment. But Ipshit asked Raju, when he’ll return his money?

That mean Ipshit was very arogant and rude, person from the beginning..

And The Season 1 Ends Here.