Money Heist Season 3 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English & Hindi – You May Know Here An Eye-Opening Performace Of Robber Which Can Make You Surprise.

At the end of Money Heist Season 3 Episode 4 we have seen that behind the vault door they find one more door there. Furthermore that door only can access by the governer of the bank. But he’s denying to help robbers. So robbers attached an exclusive in that door. To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 3 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check Money Heist Season 3 review.

“Money Heist Season 3 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English & Hindi”

  • Colonel is giving order to his force to shoot in the bank. Now all force is taking their position and shooting there. Meanwhile robbers collect all hostages in balcony with the mask and fake weapons. Then the cops understood they all are hostages, meanwhile behind the vault door “Bogota” find a door. When he blast that door they find some little red suitcase there.
  • Now all force is attacking from the entrance door of Bank. Meanwhile Denver go outside with that suitcase and saying we are surrenoring.
  • Now Colonel and Prieto is looking him surprisigly because in that little red box – secrets of the ministry of the interior, ministry of Foreign Affairs, intelligence, and how they spend the reserve fund. All those things the system can’t allow to go public.
  • Now Colonel order his force to stop the attack.
  • In the next scene when governer get conscious he find all robbers is doing the process of melting the gold of Bank Of Spain. Robbers is turning all the gold in little small bubbles seeds.
  • Almost a millions people surround the Bank Of Spain. They all are supporting the robbers. In the next side in news channel press reporter is asking from the goverment – What was in those boxes to make the police and the army stop the assault?

“Alicia Make Raquel Scared”

  • To join this case Alicia Sierra comes there with Rio. (Alicia was the women who is torturing Rio since last 6 to 7 months)
  • Professor is calling Tokyo and saying her – Rio is in Spain, and we are going to rescue him. Tokyo is saying to thanks Professor.
  • In the next side all cops and force is now trying to search Raquel and Professor.
  • Professor one man who is outside the bank helping professor. Now he take some small phone and calling Prieto and this phone is directly connected with the professor. So Alicia received his call, where she is threatning Raquel – Everyone is searching your mother and daughter. I don’t know where they are, but we’ll search soon most probability they are in south Asia. Alicia is threatning her very badly.
  • Raquel is now scaring to hear all about what she told.

Raquel and Professor is fighting, Professor is trying her understand like Alicia manipulated you, because she know Raquel is the weakest link.

“Gandia Is Provoking Robbers”

  • In the next scene governer one bodyguard “Gandia” who is provoking every robbers to fight with him. But his hand is tied meanwhile Palermo comes there and start to hit “Gandia”. Nairobi and Denver take “Palermo” with them but he again start to fight with Nairobi.
  • Nairobi loves “Helsinki’. But Helsinki have intrest in boy, so he is in physical relation with “Palermo”.

And The Episode Ends Here.