Aranyak Sesaon 1 Review And Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1, to 8)

Aranyak Sesaon 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1 to 8)

Aranyak TV Series

Here You Will Get Aranyak Sesaon 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1, to 8). Moreover Get Here Aranyak Review. Moreover here you’ll get Aranyak Sesaon 1video explanation.

5years ago –

In the beginning of the Episode we see, animal welfare related play is going in a school. Meanwhile one student who’s playing a role of Rabbit, suddenly kidnapped by a mask man. His father name is Angad. Angad is searching his child everywhere, but he unable to find him.

Now Story Turns In Present (After 5years)-

Angad has appointed in Sirona as a new SHO. Because old SHO, Mrs.Kasturi, is taking off for 1 year. Kasturi’s father-in-law(Mahadev) was retired-Sergeant, in the same police station. Meanwhile “julie” goes in police station to file missing report of her daughter Ammie. But Kasturi finds some drugs from Julie, then they take her in police remand.

  • Sirona’s MP name is Jagdamba, she looks all time worry because of her son Kanti. Altogether Kanti was imprisoned since last two years because of Rape alegations on him. Jagdamba is scolding her son, because he did something mess yesterday night, but it’ll reveal later in story. Moreover Jagdamba canceled his parole, with the help of collector Ashok. Ashok’s son name is Gagan, and then it disclose last night Gagan and Kanti was togeteher, in hotel Bom.
  • Now we see “Manhas”, he’s strong politician of Sirona, and today his daughter Nilima is getting engaged with Ravi.
  • Next character we see Bunty, and he is Nutan’s(Kasturi’s daughter) boyfriend. Nutan is sending her personal video to him.

Mahadev is running behind “Male leopard”, inside the jungle, but he find a dead body of Ammie is hanging on tree. He informed Kasturi and she suddenly came there with her team. Mahadev is thinking that it has done by “Male leopard”. But Angad is not believing in their story.

Aranyak Sesaon 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1, to 8)

Now Kasturi and Angad together investigating this case, they’re going in “cafe-sirona”, and here they talk cafes owner Govind Ji. Because last time Ammie with her family, was in their cafe. In the next side doctor reveal Ammie’s autopsy report, someone raped her and then killed, moreover someone prickled on her neck. When Angad goes Hotel-Bom, here manager tells – he saw Ammie, with Kanti, and the same night he booked a room. Angad is interogating Kanti but he’s saying that he didn’t do anything.

  • Angad is checking CCTV camera of Cafe Sirona, here he found Ammie is going hotel bom with Bunty. Meanwhile Bunty comes in policestation and saying that he want to surrender because he raped and killed Ammie. But Angad is thinking that Bunty is surrendering himself because he’s in under pressure of someone. Bunty’s father is too thinking that his son is innocent, but they’re very poor. So he meet to Mahadev Ji, and requesting to help him. Same incident already had done in 19 years ago, so Mahadev is believing may Bunty will innocents.
  • In the next scene Ravi is giving a money bag to Julie. Moreover two photographer is recording Ravi’s video quietly.

Angad and Kasturi invited in Ravi and Nilima’s wedding so they go there. Here Manhas is convincing them, if Bunty is agree, he did everything, then why you’re not closing this case? Meanwhile photographer comes there and showing them Ravi’s video. At the same time, Angad notice a guy there, and he’s Omi, 5year ago who kidnapped his son, in school play. After see that guy, Angad lose his temper, here Manhas informs him, he don’t know who is Omi here, so don’t ruined his daughter’s wedding. After that Angad set all force team, in check points.

Aranyak Sesaon 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1, to 8)

Omi’s real name is Kucher. Moreover he works for Manhas.

  • Next day they arrest Ravi and Julie, and they reveals some story – Ammie was Julie and his daughter. Julie was threatning to Ravi, because she needs one crore Rs. Otherwise she can tells everyone that Ammie is his daughter. Ammie aware about the truth, she wants to meet his father Ravi, therefore she went Hotel Bom. When Ravi saw Ammie there, he found that she is walking unconsciously. But after that, Manhas gets aware she is Ravi’s daughter, so he sent Ravi home to stay with Nilima. Next day he heard Ammie is no more.
  • Bunty is revealing story what actually happened that night- Bunty is a tourist guider, so he took her in Hotel Bom, but there Kanti met to Ammie, and he added drugs pills on Ammie’s simple drink.Kanti threatened Bunty, to go from there. Bunty surrendered himself because,Kucher and his man was threatning to him, that they will leak Nutan’s private video, and may kill his father. Therefore Bunty blamed himself to save his father and Nutan privacy. Angad find the IP-Address, from where they shared Nutan’s video. He get shocking result, it is none other than Hari Dogra(Kasturi’s Husband). But later Hari says that day Chotu(Manhas Man) used his personal computer.
  • Angad and Kasturi is getting confuse they matched Kanti’s Semen’s sample, but it didn’t match. Again they match Gagan Semen’s sample, and it matched. That mean Gagan raped Ammie.

But Why Manhas and his man trapped Bunty?

Because they know Gagan raped Ammie, and Manhas wants an approval regarding his project, from Ganagn’s father Ashok. But Jagdamba is not passing their project.

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Now Police arrested Chotu here he says- Manhas gave them order to kill Ammie, so they killed Ammie, and put her body inside Kanti’s car, to trap Kanti because his mom Jagdamba was not passing Manhas project. But they don’t know how body hanged in a jungle.

In the next side when Manhas gets aware, that police arrested Chotu, Manhas and Kucher leave for Nepal. In the next scene next suspense opens, 19 years ago, man who raped girls and hanged them in a jungle, is “Nandan”(Jagdamba’s Peon). Kasturi goes in Jagdamba house, and she was not there. Therefore Kasturi find Jagdamba in same jungle, and Nandan is attacking on her neck. Mahadev is fighting with Nandan. Other side Angad stopped Manhas car, while they are leaving. But here Kuchar fired a gun on Angad, and then he fired back on him. In a wounded condition, Angad is asking from Kuchar where is his son? Then Kuchar reply he’s alive, after that he shot one more time, and Angad fall down there.

Now we see a young boy who is secretly selling drugs and telling his name “Rabbit”. He is Angad’s son. Furthermore we see some shadow in jungle. Which wi;ll continue in next season.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.

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