“Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega” Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation -“Whopping Ruthless Crammed”

At the end of Jamtara Season 1 Episode 6 we have seen that, Town all boys was getting married. But they’re marrying to that girl who’s good speaker of English and any other language. Subsequently Brajesh with his man, reached in Sunny & Gudiya’s house. To know more about the show read Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check review of Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation

Brajesh locked himself in a room, with Gudiya, Because he know, Gudiya shared his warehouse adress to Police. Brajesh threat her, and then he go from there.

  • In the next scene Rocky is oragnising all set-up of Brajesh Party. Meanwhile his friends comes there, and saying him – You should’ve called Sunny! If you call him, You wouldn’t be the smaller guy. Then Rocky reply – I am not stopping anyone, If he wants he can come.
  • Now Brajesh comes there, with bhojpuri actress Varsha, He said to Rocky – I met your brother, and his wife yesterday. So invite them, in a party.

Gudiya’s younger brother, comes in her house, where he’s obstinating, Varsha has come to the village, and he want to meet her. But Gudiya didn’t allow him to go there. Then Sunny took him, and said don’t worry we’ll come back in the evening.

  • In the next scene, Dolly dressed up like a bengoli, this is the part of their operation to grab some proof against Phishing boys. That how they’re dealing with the girl, and then getting married.
  • Now Dolly and Inspector-Biswa changed their dress-up, and go to meet Bacchu’s house for wedding deal. One man of Police is recording their deal. Now Dolly ask him – What do I have to do? Bacchu reply – You have to make calls, I’ll pay you for it, 5lakhs.
  • Meanwhile Anas call Bacchu and tells him she’s a police officer, she’s trapping you. After heard this, he changed the topic and said I can’t marry you.

Who Killed Gudiya’s Younger Brother?

  • In the next scene Sunny and his brother-in-law, full drunk, and then they go, Brajesh party. Where Varsha is dancing on the stage. Furthermore Brajesh one man inform him, that they’re here.
  • Sunny already made his plan, that he’ll kill Brajesh today in party. After that we heard a gun shot, but this is not Brajesh and not Sunny. But someone has killed Sunny’s brother-in-law.

And The Episode 7 Ends Here.