Navarasa Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

Navarasa Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation –

Navarasa TV Series

Navarasa  is an Indian anthology streaming television Tamil Web series. Altogether The nine human emotions of the Indian aesthetic theory are explored in this anthology series. The story  is based on the nine human emotions – anger, compassion, courage, disgust, fear, laughter, love, peace and wonder. Moreover you can find here another movies and web series review. Check full story of Navarasa Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation.

Edhiri Or Enemy –

  • In the starting of the Episode we see a teacher, she’s teaching at her home. Teacher’s house maid is requesting from her,that she can’t pay her daughter tution fee of this months. After that teacher is consolating her, to pay in next months.

A man his name is Deena reached in teacher house, when teacher open the door. Deena didn’t speak to her anything and directly entered in Teacher’s husband room. After some time when Teacher went in her husband room, she found a dead body of her husband, Deena is staring teacher, and then he goes from there. But teacher is not reacting to see her husband dead body in front of her.

Deena is thinking the same thing, why teacher didn’t react to see her husband dead body.

In the next scene Deena arrived at his village to hide from police. One man is asking to Deena – Why you didn’t control on your anger, due to your anger you killed a man. So this is not easy to hide from police, one day cops will definitely find you.

Then Deena reply – teacher’s husband was responsible for Deena’s brother sucide. Deena went to meet him, of the purpose to pretand unpalatable things, how he’s responsible for his brother sucide. But teacher husband provoked him, and then he loose his anger and killed him.

Navarasa Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

At last we see, the man who is asking and talking to Deena, he was Teachers husband spirit. Now teacher husband soul is telling to Deena – No one is perfect in this world, If a man is not good, then you have to change their character not to kill them. Teacher’s husband soul decide to live with Deena, until he don’t feel guilt, that Denna will have to control in his anger.

Next day Deena felt guilt, why he killed a man. Therefore he goes to meet Teacher. When Deena meet to her, and felt sorry, then Teacher replied to him – she can’t forgive him, because she is too living in a guilt. Because she was not talking to her husband since from last 10 year. Moreover teacher is saying – if she want then she could talk to her husband but due to anger she is unable talk to him for forever. Therefore she is realising how these small things one day becomes a mountain after that which is dificult to dig. This is why now she learnt a lesson today, life is unpredictable, so we have to clear all thing as at a best time.

After that we see a tears in teachers eyes. Deena is too realising his mistake.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.

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