Aashram Season 1 Ending Explanation In English

Aashram Season 1 Ending Explanation In English (Episode 9)–

Aashram TV Series

At the end of last Episode we have seen that, Something is dirty going in Aashram. But no one can reveal the truth because of Baba Ji’s powers. To know the story further read Aashram Season 1 Ending Explanation In English (Episode 9). Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Nirala is doing a discuss with Bhopa, in their hermitage, number of old people is increasing. Therefore they need young guys there. So now they’re planning to join youth in their hermitage.

Baba Nirala is planning to oragnise a fest in their hermitage and inviting rap-star Tinka Singh, to attract youth. When Bhopa meet to Tinka Singh, Bhopa found he’s full of drunk and denying to go with them. Next day police arrest Tinka Singh to abuse in drunk case. After that Baba Nirala meet him in the cell, and asking to live in Aashram. Moreover Tinka Singh accepted the deal of Nirala.

One day, Nirala see, Sati’s wife Babita in their one ceremonial function, and Nirala mesmerized to see her. After that Nirala take a decison to transfer Sati in other city, but he’s obstinating that he want to go with his wife Babita. Then Baba ji, admitted Sati in a hospital and operate his private part. When Sati get sense, Baba ji make him understand that selfless sage should be away from infatuation.

Aashram Season 1 Ending Explanation In English

After heard these words from Baba Nirala ji, Sati is thinking Baba ji is the real sage. Next day when Sati transferred in other city, Baba Ji’s man came there to take Babita.

  • Baba Ji invited Babita in his personal room. Babita is asking why he did make her husband Sati’s life as a hell? Then Baba Ji reply her – Now Sati is a pure sage, and its necessary to make his connection with the god.
  • After that Baba Ji gave some sweets to Babita as a blessed food. When she eat, she suddenly get unconscious, Then Nirala took her in his bedroom.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.

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