“November Story” Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Way Of Thriller.

At the end of November Story Season 1 Episode 5 we have seen that how the Savitri murder case is turning. Moreover, Sudalai, understood Yesu is involved in all these mess. So know Anu’s sure, her father Ganesan assumed Kuzhandai Yesu in front of his. What is her father connection with Kuzhandai Yesu? To know more about the show read November Story Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check reviews of November Story Tv-Series.

November Story Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English

  • Now story start from Past – The medical student, his name is Kuzhandai Yesu. Moreover Yesu’s wants to be a surgeon, but he becomes a Autopsy doctor. So he’s not happy from his profession.
  • Yesu meet Savitri, when her husband body go for Post-mortem, and Atopsy has done by Yesu. Then he change Savitri ‘s husband report, because, after that she can get insurance claim.

One day Yesu got a call, of bus accident,(This accident is same, which we saw in Episode 1 starting).

Story Turn in present –

Now Anu is looking in trouble, and thinking about her dad, that how he know the Yesu, and who killed Savitri?

  • In the next scene Sudalai is looking confuse about Yesu, – when Yesu saw Savitri’s dead body, why he didn’t inform Police, that he know Savitri.
  • Meanwhile Dr.Paran comes there, and he said Yesu was a good man, and he wants to be surgeon. But during his practical internship his hand was trembling. After that he becomes a Autopsy doctor. Moreover he didn’t want to join Autopsy, so after that he get retired.

Dr. Paran is sharing Yesu’s past story with Sudalai – Yesu’s wife had died in young age, and he’s upbringing her single daughter alone, furthermore her mental health is not good. Her name is Mathi.

Then Sudalai said – When Yesu came police station for inquiry he didn’t mention her daughter name in report. So Sudalai is suspicious on Yesu, and thinking may be Savitri’s murderer will be Mathi, and all evidence has removed by Yesu.

Now Anu call to Malar and said – Check all 16 November 1995 FIR file, If you see any case file of the name of Ganesan, Yesu and Savitri, then inform immediately.

Hacker onnection With Case

Now Malar check and find the file from Yesu’s name, and this is the same file of bus accident. Moreover in this accident 23 people has died. Then Anu said type her mother name Sudar in the list, when Malar search this name, they got Anu’s mother has died in same accident. But Ganesan never told to Anu about this.

Now Malar is thinking what is hacker connection with this case? Then he think in any FIR files, home adress is include. May be the hacker wants to hack that home adress where Savitri died. Moreover to find that adress he hack the FIR files.

Story Turn In Past – How Savitri died?

  • Sandeep, Binod and Ahemad, is kidnaping Mathi, and Savitri is with them. Yesu’s trying to help her daughter Mathi, meanwhile Ganesan reach there. Now one guy locked himself in another room with Mathi, then Yesu run behind him. Meanwhile Savitri tried to stop Yesu & then Yesu killed Savitri, But Ganesan is laying unconsciously.
  • Then Mathi comes there and she saw Ganesan Pen there, and she prickled on Savitri’s back 45 times. Now all boys escaped from there with Mathi.

Why Yesu Is Doing Mathi’s Treatment By Himself?

  • In the next scene Malar traced Hacker IP-Adress, and reached him, when they go in Hacker house. Then Hacker told his story to Malar & Raghu – He said that they all are medical student, Neeta was their classmate. One day Yesu comes in their college with her daughter Mathi, for some lecture. Where Neeta met to Mathi, and she found Mathi very innocent. So Neeta wants to study in Mathi’s case, Yesu deny her.
  • Next day when Neeta goes to Mathi’s house she find Savitri there, and she’s the care taker of Mathi. After some casual talk Neeta check Mathi’s medicine, and she found full Almira with the medicine. Now Neeta start to doubt on Yesu, why he’s doing his daughter treatment by himself.

And The Episode 6 Ends here.