“Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega” Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation -“Whopping Ruthless Crammed”

At the end of Jamtara Season 1 Episode 7 we have seen that, Sunny go, in Brajesh party. Where he planned to kill Brajesh there. But Brajesh man has killed Sunny’s brother-in-law. So how will Gudiya and her family deal with this loss? Because everyone in party, look the gun in Sunny’s hand. To know more about the show read Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check review of Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation

Now Police comes there, But Sunny is escapping, because everyone is suspecting on him.

In the next scene brajesh, with the villagers, is the witness of his death. He’s saying, The body who died was Sunny Mondal’s brother-in-law. Moreover everyone has seen Sunny holding a gun.

Now Sunny is hiding Munna and Bccha’s room, after some time all boys come there. Where Sunny is saying I didn’t shoot him, someone is trapping me. His friend reply but no one will believe you. Because everyone saw you holding the gun.

  • One police team is waiting for Sunny outside of his house.
  • At the night, Gudiya’s goes to meet, Sunny quietly. Sunny said her -that he didn’t kill her brother, Brajesh is trapping him. But Gudiya knew, Sunny is innocent, she hug him. Meanwhile Police come there, and Sunny run again.
  • In the next scene Police is thinking, that Phishing linked to this murder. Because the prime suspect’s Sunny, he’s involved in this Phishing scam. But Saurav is saying – May be It was an accidental shooting, Brajesh Bhan is connected to this murder somehow.
  • Police is investigating the case, inspector Dolly is saying – Nobody saw Sunny, firing the gun. Altogether firing weapons are different, people only saw him to holding a gun, not to firing. To find Sunny, arrest everyone, who’s involved in the Phishing scam.

Sunny kidnapped

Next night Gudiya again go to meet Sunny, he is saying that he have a plan, he gave her all account list to withdraw all money. then said He’ll meet her at the old bus-stop in Ranchi.

In the next scene, Anas help Sunny, – a loaded truck, Anas said to Sunny that, this truck will go to Ranchi. Sunny sit there but after some time, when truck stop, then he open the truck shutter, and he find himself in Brajesh house.

And The Eoisode 8 Ends Here.