Iron Man 2 Marvel Movie Story Summary & Review

Iron Man 2 Marvel Movie Story Summary & Review

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Movie is connected with “Iron Man 1” and the story revolves around Tony Stark. Who has revealed his identity as Iron Man. In this article you’ll find Iron Man 2 Marvel Movie Story Summary & Review. The released year was 2010.

Government is putting pressure on him, to share the Iron Man technology. So the government is leading by Senator Stern & they wants Tony to hand over the Iron Man suit for military use. Moreover Tony is also dealing with the consequences of his actions, both as a superhero and as a public figure. Tony is struggling with his own life. Because the palladium core has attached in his chest, and this palladium core powers the Iron Man suit. Furthermore this core is slowly poisoning him.

Altogether Tony is also facing a strained relationship with his friend named James Rhodey Rhodes. He took Tony’s one suits to the military. After that Rhodey becomes War Machine.

Tony assigned his new undercover assistant named Natasha Romanoff. She known as Black Widow. Moreover film introduce a new character Nick Fury & he plays very imp role. Because he’s the one who revealed that Tony is not the only superhero in the world. Their is many threat heroes are looming in the world.

This Marvel Movie Iron Man 2 basically known for its action sequences. Moreover it sets the stage for future series connected with this movie, and the formation of superhero team. Also the witty dialogue, of this film makes it more attractive. Altogether it starts the expansion of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Here the film Iron Man 2 ended.

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