Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review

Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU Series

This superhero film part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Click on the link to get previous part of Thor (2011). Here’s a brief explanation of Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review.

Review –

Thor: The Dark World” received mixed reviews Positive as well as negative. Film faced criticism for its underdeveloped villain in Malekith. While Movie praised for its visual effects, and the performances of the cast, Moreover Loki stole the show for his complexity in film. The events in the movie also set the stage for later MCU films.

Story Summary – Movie continue after the events of The Avengers. After the New York battles all superheroes captured the Loki. Then Thor takes Loki with him. They went their Asgard. Now further we see Thor is busy in his Nine Realms. Jan Foster she is lover of Thor. We see her in next scene she lose her balance and stumbles upon a powerful ancient weapon, which is called Aether. After that Aether awakens Malekith. He’s the leader of the dark elves. He’s using Aether to drowning the whole universe into darkness. So Malekith is a cruel, brutal, inhuman, vicious. As Malekith saw Jan Foster, he start attack on her. Meanwhile Thor brings Jane to Asgrad for her protection.

Cruel Malekith is following them, and running behind them. Malekith attacks against Asgard defenses. Consequently Frigga died in this fight. Now Thor is burning in revenge of Frigga’s death. Thor reunite with his mischievous brother Loki. Together they forms an uneasy alliances. Now they attacks on the dark elve’s home, which is called Svartalfheim. So there a disastrous war takes place. The scuffle war is going. At the end Loki decide to sacrifice himself. Loki dropped his life to save his brother Thor and defeat Malekith. He saved Asgard too.

Consequently Loki’s apparent demise and the separation from Jane weigh heavily on Thor.

Here’s Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review completed.

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