Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review

This is the seventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Which is directed by Shane Black and produced by Marvel Studios. In this article you’ll get Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Story Summary & Review. Click on the link to read previous part of Iron Man 1 & Iron Man 2.

Review –

Iron Man 3 get mixed response from public. Some people appreciated the film’s. While others were not happy from the Mandarin twist. Moreover the film got good review for its witty dialogue, action sequences. The most loving character by fan was the performances of Tony Stark. Overall, “Iron Man 3” marked a significant chapter in Tony Stark’s journey.

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    Story Summery – Movie continue with the events of ‘The Avengers’. Tony Stark who is thinking about last battle of New York. He’s looking anxious, & insomnia. Meanwhile a disaster new threat comes in the form of mysterious terrorist. Which is known as Mandarin. Mandarin organize a series of Bombings. When Tony gets aware about Mandarin, he openly starts to challenges the Mandarin publicly. So Mandarin attacked in his home, Due to this Tony leave his suits and he assumed dead. But later Tony found stranded in rural Tennessee.

    In the next scene we see. here Tony make his team with a guy named Harley. After that they’re together trying to investigate the bombings of Mandarin. Consequently he discover something about Mandarin, he found Mandarin is a creation of Aldrich Killian. He is a scientist, moreover Aldrich Killian has developed the Extremis program, which grants superhuman abilities. But it can be unstable. For this experiment he need a guy. So according to Killian’s plan they kidnapped Pepper Potts. They injected Pepper Potts with Extremis. Tony, Harley & their team is continuously working against Killian. So they make a war machine, they attached Iron Patriot in James Rhodes. They set a loyal A.I system J.A.R.V.I.S, on this war machine.

    Now this machine is ready to battles against Killian and his Extremis-enhanced soldiers. Meanwhile they get surprise when they find a fictional person in Mandarin which creates by Killian too. Now Tony’s team know the real threat lies in Killian’s pursuit of power and revenge. At the end of the scene, Tony destroys his suits. However, he continues to operate as Iron Man when people needed.

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