Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation

Here You Can Find A Greatest Mystry Connected With Mythology In :Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation

Breathe: In To The Shadows TV Series

At the end of Episode 7 we have seen that how Avinash is unaware from J. Furthermore Avinash dont know who is J, while J is living in his mind, When Avinash sleep then J awake. So now the kidnapper gave Avinash second task to kill Angad Pandit. What will be the story of Angad Pandit? Why J wants to kill him? To know all about that read Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation. Furthermore You Can Check Here Breathe : InTo The Shadows Web Series Review.

“Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation”

“Bad Uncle”

Here in the first scene of this Episode Siya and Gaytri almost done there excavation work in bathroom. But the hole is small. So now Gaytri said to Siya to enter in the hole. She is couraging Siya, She is saying we have to go home, and we have only one choice So please enter in to the hole and watch all around. Now Siya is trying to find a way to go out from there, finally she found a light is coming in the hole, then she start shouting – help! help!.

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  • Now next scene in this episode Kabir and their team with Avinash is solving the mystry behind the murder.
  • Where Avinash help them he told to Kabir – I think the killer is playing with the emotions. In Pritpal case killer has provoked him for anger, and the reason of his death is Anger.
  • Same as in Natasha case she has found in semi naked so the reason of her death is Lust. So the result is here the killer is playing with the emotions, First one is – Anger and then Lust, and what will his next emotion we have to find it.

“Mythology Connections From Murder”

Now Kabir is going to join Meghna birthday. Where he said to Meghna he want to go he is not comfortable here. Now Meghna is requesting to stay in the party, where Meghna’s friends is talking about Ravan story’s. When Kabir heard this he suddenly connect his case with the indian mythology, where he find the significant mean of Ravan 10 heads. which is Lust, Anger, Fear, Ego, Attachment, Delusion, Insentivity, Pride, Sefishness, Betrayal.

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“Who Is Angad Pandit”?

  • Now Avinash is following Angad Pandit.
  • Furthermore Avinash childhood story is going, where Avinash has cleared his medical entrance. Angad Pandit is his collagemate and his friend. Angad has worried about his medical entrance exam result. He is worrying about the results. Where he told to Avinash – I am sure im fail in the examination, how would i face my parents, they have a lot of expectation from me.

“Gaytri Plan” Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation

  • Here in the next scene of the episode Siya is saying to Gaytri – I dont want to go on the hole, no one is listening my voice. This is the waste of time.
  • Where Gaytri is preparing Siya for her next plan – She is making a notes where she write I will give you my anti allergic tablet, when you consumed it, It’ll not harm you but you will take a long sleep. Then I’ll tells to bad uncle your health is not good and you are sleeping since 6 to 7 hours. So I’ll request him to hospitallise you soon. Then we’ll run away from there.
  • When J comes there, Gaytri makes a same plan in front of J. J checked Siya properly and finally he get ready to hospitallise Siya. Where Gaytri request to him she also want to go with Siya to take care of her.
  • Then J, Siya & Gaytri goto hospital, but suddenly Siya awake and tells to Gaytri when are we going to escape? J understtod Gaytri all plans and he turned the car from hospital.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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