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At the end of Episode 8 we have seen that how cleverly Gaytri planned to go out from there. But she got failed on her plan, when Siya asked her – when we are going to escape? Then J understood Gaytri plan and he turned his car from the hospitals. How will now J react with them? How long Kabir investigation will go? To know all about that read Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation. Furthermore You Can Check Here Breathe : InTo The Shadows Web Series Review.

“Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation”

“Lights Out”

When J turned his car from hospital then Gaytri throw the notes from the window of the car. Next morning a guy see the notes and took the notes in police station. Where police call to Avinash and Gaytri parents, to confirm the writting on the notes and painting on the notes.Then Avinash and Abha tells to police yes this is my daughter’s painting. Where Gaytri parents confirmed to police yes this is Gaytri hand-writting.

  • Now Avinash is following Angad Pandit. Where he is telling Abha her daily routine – He walk in the park at 8:00 Am every morning. Then goes to medical store at 10:00. Furthermore he attends Narcotics Anonymous meething thrice a week, he have no friends, no family, no social life, only work to home & home to work. His medical college was almost getting over, But he was really worried about his pass and fail, and because of that, he ended up making a huge mistake, then he went jail. He still feel embarrassed to talk about the things that happened in the jail.
  • He was in the jail for seven years, and every night after the lights were turned off, he was raped every night. After all those years of rape and abuse, when he was finally released, he was a broken man. Because of all this he distanced himself from his family too. But he picked up his life again.
  • Then he got a diploma in pharmacy, and opened his chemist shop. That is his life full story.

“Why Angad WentTo Jail”?

Here in the next scene Avinash college story is going. Where Angad is worrying about his result. So Angad decide to burn all answer sheets from the store room of the college. He burnt all the papers but the fire spread all over the room, where Avinash friend is searching some medicine for Avinash. When he tried to go out from the room Angad locked the door. Due to Angad fear about his result Avinash friend has died and then he went to jail for 7 years.

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“Avinash Found Angad Weakness”

  • Now Avinash decide to directly meet to Angad. So he went his clinic, Where he introduced hisself – like he was his collegemate. then Avinash invite him for a cup of a tea, But he deny to go with him. But suddenly electricity power cut at that place and Angad suddenly swing his mood and get ready to go for a cup of a tea with Avinash.
  • Where Avinash understood his fear, he understood he has a probleams with the dark.

“Angad Death” Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation

  • So next day Avinash make a plan to kill Angad. He cut his clinic electricity powers. Angad scared to see dark all around of him then Angad call his bestfriend Meghna and tells him – Yesterday my medical collegemates has came to met me, he was memorising me all these things from which I was feeling guilt.
  • Meghna says to him – Angad close your clinic and go to your home, and I am coming soon there.
  • Angad closed his clinic and went to his house. Where Avinash has already cut his house electricity. When he saw dark again Angad scared to see dark and Avinash take the advantage from his fear and he killed him. Then suddenly Meghna and Kabir comes there but Avinash run aways from there. So they didn’t able to see the killer face.
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“And The Episode End’s Here”

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