Now You’ll Get Here A Great Provocative Reflection In :Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation

At the end of Episode 04 we have seen that how Abha manage herself in a new character named Aarthi Rao. Moreover Natasha got trust on Abha and she get ready for her foods photographs. Furthermore inspector Kabir is doing his investigation. And Avinash is searching his old patient criminal records. So will Abha get sucess to kill Natasha? To know all about that read Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore You Can Check Here Breathe : InTo The Shadows Web Series Review.

“Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation”


  • In the first scene of this episode Avinash comes to police station and tells to Kabir – I know who is the killer of Pritpal Singh?
  • Then he said to inspector Kabir – It might be my imagination, I have a patient, But we never spoke face to face. He used to call on may clinic landline number. I am not too sure but i feel he could be connected to this case.
  • When he first called – He said he reached out to me after being disappointed with 10 doctors. He kept talking about some missions. A mission to eradicate evil from the society. I tried to call him to meet with us. But after the last phone call, there’s been no contact.
  • He got angry when i asked him for his phone number and adress. He said I turned out to be just like the other doctors, Suspicious, judgemental.

Avinash made all this story to save himself from the police, and furthermore to regular contact of police, and then he can keep eyes on police.

‘Abha As In Aarthi Rao”

Now Abha visit to Natasha house, where Abha is trying to come close of her, because she know about her sexuallity. Abha is looking her photographs, But suddenly she found Avinash childhood pictures there.

  • When she reached home Abha asked Avinash about those photographs.Where he said to her – yes It’s my childhood’s pictures, where i met to Natasha in Nainital. She came to visit Nainital for her grandfather. We regularly met to each other but then her holidays got over, and she went back to Delhi and i never saw her again.
Breathe: Into The Shadows episode 5 recap - "Reflection"

“Abha Get Plan To Visit Jodhpur With Natasha”

Now Natasha invite Abha in a restaurent, where she tell her she is going to surprise her girlfriend in Jodhpur. Then she’ll back in after 5days. Abha think that she have only three days. Abha again make a plan, where she said her Jodhpur is in my foo list trip so we have to go together, Then Natasha get ready to go with her.

  • In the next scene Abha and Natasha is ready to travel Jodhpur. Where Avinash is following them. Then due to some trafic on the road same night they stay in the hotel. Avinash is continously in contact of Abha. Meanwhile Kabir calls to Avinash and called him to meet in his office. Where Avinash replied him he’ll back in 1 and half hours.
  • Avinash talk to Abha in a phone call where he said to her- I am going to Delhi. Kabir is calling me. Don’t worry I’ll back soon in the morning.

“Reflection In Mirror” Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation

When Avinash reached in crime branch office, where Kabir show him some video of a guy, Then Kabir asked to Avinash – Is this guy is same as like your patient? But Avinash deny and said him – No he was a well young matured guy, and the voice of both mens are different. So he is not that guy.

  • Now Gaytri and Siya is sleeping. Where Siya awake when Gaytri asked her – what happened Siya? Siya replied – she saw a dream where her mother is calling her name.
  • The kidnapper is listening Siya all talks.Then the Kidnapper saw his face in the tranparent mirror and remove his mask from his face.
  • Then the surprising face revealed, The kidnaper is Avinash. The face behind the mask face of Avinash.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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