So Now You’ll Get Here Big Foul With Provocative Story Of :Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 4 Story

At the end of Episode 03 we have seen that Kabir and his team is trying to search the pen of Pritpal. Meanwhile Avinash is too searching that pen. Moreover Kabir team member has found the pen. So now how will Avinash manage all things? Furthermore how will the story turn ahead? To know all about that read Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore You Can Check Here Breathe : InTo The Shadows Web Series Review.

“Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 4 Story”

“Mind Games”

Now in the first scene of this Episode Kabir Sawant past story has revealed. Where he is following a criminal who staying in the hotel. Kabir is talking in a phone call with Parkash and requesting him to come urgently with him. Meanwhile Kabir goes in the hotel where the criminal ran away to see Kabir in front of him. Then the Criminal take a girl help named Meghna, He warn Kabir, if he didn’t leave him then he will kill this girl. Meanwhile Parkash and his team come there. When the criminal saw all team he want to shoot a gun but Kabir pushed Meghna from the top roof. Then the criminal got arrested.

“Investigation Is Going”

  • Now Inspector Kabir is doing his investigation. He is taking an interview of Pritpal Singh wife.
  • Where she said to police – Someone was there who want to trouble my husband. First he had used garbage because who was know that my husband has germophobia.

Now Kabir go to Meghna office where he is listening her sessions in which Meghna is telling her story. When the session got over then Kabir ready to go from there. Meanwhile Meghna saw Kabir and tells him – I am fine now. I know you are here for me. But this is not your fault that day. So you dont worry about that. Then Meghna share her number with Kabir, and then kabir go from there.

“Fear Of Kidnapper” Breathe InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 4 Story

Now the kidnapper is threatning Abha and Avinash. kidnapper put some recorded audio of Siya in Abha car. Furthermore Kidnapper put Siya’s shoes in the box and keep that in Avinash house. Where the kidnapper wants to warn them.

  • Now Abha and Avinash making new plan to kill Natasha. Where they found Natasha Lesbian, Now Avinash hire Abha to kill Natasha. He is giving her a proper training.
  • Now Abha is following Natasha where she take a lift from Natasha.
  • Abha tells Natasha – My name is Aarthi Rao and I from Bangalore, and I am a food bloggers, I came Delhi to write an articles in north food. I need a photographer for my best food collection in Delhi. But I am new in Delhi so i don’t know anyone.
  • Where Natasha tells her she is too photographer. Then Abha request her please come to shoot with me only for two days, Actually i need it urgently.
  • Finally Natasha get ready to work with Abha.

“Gaytri Excavted The Half Wall”

Here in the next scene Gaytri is excavating the wall of bathroom. But the size is very small and she dont able to pass from the wall.

  • Now Avinash is in the office where he is trying to find some old criminal records of his patient. Where he find some patient details of him and visit in the same adress.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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