So Here You’ll find Emerging, Fearless Terror Of Gurpal In – Tandav Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

“Jeevan Aur Mrityu”

At the end of Episode 4 we have seen that how Samar and Gurpal is enjoying their victory, after Shiva Shekhar has filed his nomination. Because Samar Prtap Singh wants to enter Shiva in the politics battlefield from his side. But Shiva is unaware from these all. So he filed nomination for the vice president. What will be the next strategy of Samar Prtap Singh? To know all about that read Tandav Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation”

  • Here in the first scene of this episode Sana Mir received a message where someone is threatning to her for money.

2 years ago – Where Sana’s sister[Ada] is looking in her boyfriend room [Azhar]. Suddenly Azhar comes in his room and he locked himself in another room. Now Ada is knocking his room but Azhar is not opening the door. Suddenly Ada listen a bullet sound and then police come there, and they arrest Ada, after Azhar murder case.

After 2 year story is back – Ada’s lawyer is threatning them, – I want ten lakh rupees in the next ten days, It’s sucide case, otherwise it could very easily be a homicide. I need 10 lakh rs.

  • Here in the next scene SAI team with their members ( Shiva, Chetan, Sana, Vishal and all), They are spreading their campaign. Suddenly opposite team member Amit make a phone call to Vishal, and he inform Vishal, Gurpal wants to meet you. Vishal is betraying his team and he is with opposite party.
  • Gurpal took Vishal with him, because Amit and Vishal is working for Gurpal, they are giving him personal information, what is going on college.

Furthermore Gurpal is investing Devki nandan case, he want to search that person who gave proof to Anuradha of Devki Nandan’s death. Hospital guard (Chhote Lal) give him pen-drive in which hospital’s CCTV recording.

“Sana Arranged 10 lakhs”

  • Now Sana and his proffesor Jigar looking in their private space. Then Sana . request to Jigar – She need some money.
  • Jigar – How much do you need?
  • Sana – 10 lakh.
  • Jigar – Sorry, I just have two lakhs with me now. But I can get the money, but you’ll have to do something for me. Something immoral work.
  • Then Sana get ready to do.

  • Now all SAI team members are trying to find Vishal. Because he is missing since last 24 hours. They decide to go police station, meanwhile CJLD team member Amit inform Gurpal – Sir all SAI lad have walked into the police station, and they were looking for him all night.
  • Now Gurpal make a phone call to SI of the police station – He said whatever these kids say to you, none of it should be on record,
  • SI Jhakar Singh – Ofcourse sir!
  • Now Jhakar singh tells to student – Please give us some details about how the boy looks. So please stop worrying. We’ll get your boy home as soon as possible.

“Anuradha Conjugate To All”

  • Where Anuradha tells to all JLD members – I am here to inform you about the allocation of the portfolios.
  • Vijay Shekhawat for – HRD minister
  • Vikram Singh – Railway minister.
  • Aditi Mishra – Defence Minister.
  • Kailash Kumar – Home minister.
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“Sana Immoral Work” Tandav Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Gurpal give Vishal Awashthi mobile phone to Proffesor Jigar. After that Jigar give, Vishal phone to Sana, and then Sana put Vishal phone in Chetan study table at library.
  • Then Sana meets to Shiva and tells him – The library where we study, we have a drawer that Chetan and I use. I was looking for my papers in there, But I found Vishal phone there. I dont know how it got there.
  • Shiva – I hope Chetan is not involved in all this.

Next day they find Vishal dead body in college campus.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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