“Grahan” Season 1 Episode 7 story Explanation – “Tremendous Way Of Thriller”

Grahan Season 1 Episode 6 end we have seen that, Sunjay forced Rishi to take all case in your head. After that Rishi calledto Amrita, whatever she heard about him, that was right. After that Rishi handover himself to police. Amrita is watching this news on Tv. How will Amrita will proof Sunjay (Chunnu) all truth? To know more about the show read Grahan Season 1 Episode 7 story Explanation. Moreover click here to check Grahan web-series review.

Grahan Season 1 Episode 7 story Explanation

Amrita is looking very sad to heard her father news on TV, Manu is too watching the same news. Furthermore Vikas in now new incharge of SIT inquiry. Because People is questioning Amrita, that she tried to mislead Police. Now DIG suspend her from some time.

Amrita is very sad, she’s driving, meanwhile her car bumped in an accident.

  • In the next side, Vikas is forcing Rishi, to say against Sunjay. But he’s not saying anything. Now Vikas said him – Sunjay filed a FIR against you, that you killed your friend Jhandu. But he still didn’t say anything.
  • Now Vikas is understanding, Rishi is under pressure, that is why he’s not speaking anything.

Sunjay is now going in politics seminar, where he’s giving speech and provoking against goverment. Furthermore he’s taking sympathy from Santosh case, that goverment didn’t find anything till now, who was Santosh killer. Meanwhile the same two guys came there, who killed Santosh, and now they killed Santosh wife Bani.

Agarwal goes to meet Amrita in hospital. Where he’s saying to her whatever we’re watching on TV about Bokaro riot, that is not complete truth. Because Jhandu and Rishi was good friend, we saw Jhandu’s dead body out of Rishi’s room, but no one know who killed him? Sunjay Singh provoked everyone. Moreover Agarwal is now ready to speak all truth of Bokaro riot in court.

Amrita is in Trouble

  • Now Amrita is investigating the case from her side quietly. They find Usman adress, and he lived in Hindnagar. The whole area of Hindnagar comes under Sunjay Singh, predominancy.
  • Usman is telling Amrita that he’s small reporter, he collect story and then he shared it with the media reporter. Election was near, But Sunjay Singh remove many peoples name from Voter list, who was agianst of him. To find some evidence against Sunjay Singh, Santosh went to Bokaro. Meanwhile Sunjay mans killed him, and now he’s taking sympathy from his death, and collecting votes for him. But Usman is not agree to say anything against Sunjay Singh in the court.

Now Amrita is going to meet CM-Kedar singh, and informing him – The riots are about to begin in Hindnagar soon. Now CM gives an order to DIG, to arrest all of them, who is helping Sunjay Singh for Hindnagar Riots.

  • Hindu and Muslim controversy is rising in Hindnagar, and Sunjay is provoking them. Altogether Amrita make a call to Vikas and get him alert that the next riot begin in Hindnagar soon. Amrita is making everyone understand in Hindnagar, that Sunjay is doing all this, for collecting vote for him.
  • Meanwhile Sunjay some mans reach there, and start to hitted everyone there, Amrita and Vikas come there, and trying to handle the situation. At this time Sunjay’s man come there, and he fired a gun on Amrita, meanwhile Vikas come in front of Amrita, and he shoted.

And The Episode 7 Ends Here.