Asur Season 1 Episode 2 explanation In English -You’ll Get Here Fascinating Way Of Thrilled

At the end of Asur Season 1 Episode 1 we have seen The Murderer killed Dr.Dhananjay wife Sandhya. they were lived saprate because they dont have good relationship in the past. and they were communicating via text .How would Dhananjay react ? And what wiil he do ahead? To know all about that read the Asur Season 1 Episode 2 Story explanation.

Asur Season 1 Episode 2 Story explanation

“Rabbit Hole”

The episode starts with 18 years ago Story , where Shubh is shown as cold, ruthless and cruel. His father is shown calling him an Asur (devil). his father give him a work to learn all Bhagvada Geeta. Shubh start to flipp the page.

  • His father – do you thinnk i am a fool, its the Bhagvada Geeta . not the Panchtantra that you can just keep Flipping the pages.
  • Shubh reply – im reading it.
  • Father – Tell me the 63rd verse of the second chapter?
  • shubh is an extra-ordinary child. he answer correctly But his father aggain called him ‘Asur’ because his mother died when shubh was born.

“In The Present Timeline”

Here in the next scene Nusrat and their team comes to Dhananjay house and trying to make him strong. An Additionally they are asking to Dhananjay and about his wife Sandhya.

”CBI Investigation”Asur Season 1 Episode 2 Story explanation

Now FBI team comes in to the Sandhya Restaurents and ask to her servent .

  • Servent – Ma’am was really nice. so i worked for her for seven years !
  • CBI team- Dont cry . Did you see anything weird in the past few days? anything at all? Did ma’am with fights with anyone?
  • Servent reply – Dhananjay sir, her husband.

 In the next scene Nikhil come india and join FBI aggain . Dr.Dhananjay can’t handle the case anymore so Nikhil takes over the case.

Second Murder

In the next scene the same murder case occur next day in Nagaland-Dimapur. and the Nagaland police find the same horrible Mask in victim face.

  • Lolark dubey say to Nusrat – Dimapur Police have found one more corpse. can you please do something?
  • Nusrat – what can i do sir?
  • Lolark dubey – You will have to go Dimapur. because you know that local police collect less proof, instead they get rid of it.
  • Nusrat – okay sir.

Next day Nusrat go Nagaland with one member of team Named Ankit. she collect some information from body. and she request to police collect more information from victim murder place.

And refer the body in Delhi as soon as possible.

Case Theory

Now the second murder autopsy is conducting by the Nikhil and Nusrat.

  • Nikhil – The death to be approximately seven to ten days ago. His lips are blue. That causes of death was Cyanosis.
  • Nusrat – But it could be snake bite too.
  • Nikhil – His nails looks clubbed. that mean he had Asthma.Tell the search party to check for Ashtma pumps. &this is very well planned murder.

“Discuss About Case” Asur Season 1 Episode 2 Story explanation

Lolark dubey introduced Nikhil to Rasul . Lolark say Mr Rasul meet Nikhil nair – your new boss.

  • Rasul – Hello sir !
  • Nikhil – Hy! Can you tell me about the Sandhya ma’am case ?
  • Rasul – A GPS & hidden camera were installed in Sandhya ma’am car. i have checked the Google ID it wasn’t Sandhya ma’am who installed it. and the Navigation shows that it spent a lot of time in the outside area.
  • Rasul – If the killer wanted to commit a murder then he could have commited the murder at any secluded place. But the murder was commited in the Kitchen. which means, the killer had access to both her kitchen and her car.
  • Nikhil – Did you find from where it all access?
  • Rasul Answer – yes sir! i ran a check on her mobile . That day all the messages came from one location
  • Nikhil- What loations?
  • Rasul – A-2, west Vihar, New Delhi, 110017 (Dhananjay sir adress)
  • Nikhil- it means DJ sir himself murdered his wife ?
  • Rasul – im just stating facts.

Dhananjay Reaction After Sandhya Murder Theory

Nikhil goes to Dhananjay house and describe all theory related to case.

  • Dhananjay to Nikhil – Do you know the killer profile ? He’s a computer genius. its not big deal for him to hack the phone. you very well know how easy it is to fabricate the evidence , right?
  • Nikhil – I dont know it better than you sir.
  • Dhananjay – please Think about it calmly. its not what the evidence says. its always what’s the evidence means .
  • Nikhil – i know sir, i learnt that from you. but we must trust our instinct more than the evidence. and i learnt even this from you.
  • Dhananjay – why dont you get it ? somebody’s framming me. please think about it.

What will happened next ?

Dhananjay is arrested for murdering his wife, based on Nikhil’s calculation.

Dhananjay to Nikhil – you are making a big mistake, Nikhil. This is just the beginning.

This episode ends here.

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