The Family Man Season 2 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English – Here You’ll Know A Better Energize Performace Of SriKant.

At the end of The Family Man Season 2 Episode 7 we have seen that TASC is now aware about Rebel’s plan. Moreover Sajid is making new detonator. At the last of episode, Salman kidnapped Dhriti, and then Suchitra informed Srikant. How will Srikant handle the situation? In one hand the TASC operation and other hand his daughter. To know more about the show read The Family Man Season 2 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check The Family Man Season 2 review.

“The Family Man Season 2 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English”

  • When Suchi informed Srikant about Dhriti, then Srikant left Chennai and reached his hometown.
  • When police traced Dhriti’s phone, then they found her phone in any local train station.
  • Now Srikant go to Dhriti’s school, where he asked her classmate. Dhriti’s bestfriend Mahima tells – Dhriti and Kalyan met in an instagram, When I saw him, he looked like an old fashioned. Moreover Kalyan used a keypad type mobile phone, which can only used for call and text. Now Mahima told Srikant, the city mall name, where Dhriti and Kalyan went for a movie.
  • Then Srikant search his account, but Kalyan(Salman) deleted his account already.
  • Srikant with their team is now checking the CCTV of that mall. Where he found Kalyan and his one more friends image.
  • Police is now circulating their image in local police station.

TASC Find Rebel’s Secret Private Plane

  • In the next scene TASC team in Chennai, investigating. Where they know, to run the plane, Rebel’s must need a runway. Therefore they are finding the city’s all flying school and private runway.
  • Moreover JK, and Muthu Paandeyan, find Rebel’s flying school. But they don’t have any warrent and without any warrent they can’t search inside there.
  • In the next side Salman and his friend, is making Dhriti’s video and share this with Srikant. now they’re warning him if you want to see alive your daughter, then keep stay away from our mission.
  • Then Srikant call Sajid, and tells him, he’ll agree with their warn but before that Srikant wants to talk to Dhriti, is she fine or not?
  • When Srikant talk to Dhriti, he tried to talk indirectly with Salman, because Srikant know, that phone will defenitely in speaker. He manipulate Salman, that somewhere he too loves Dhriti.
  • After that Salman get little emotional and he remove Dhriti’s handcuffs. But he doesn’t allow her to let go from there.
  • Here Jk Talpade and Muthu Pandeyan, distract the Rebel’s, and reached inside there and start search inside there. Where they find one private plane has filled up with the lots of explosive. Meanwhile Rebel’s saw them there, and then they start to firing on JK and Muthu.
  • Muthu Pandeyan run away from there, but JK wounded very badly and get unconscious.

“Dhriti Killed Salman”

  • When Sajid get the news, that TASC found the flying school. Then he decide to take revenge from Srikant. Sajid called his man and gives an order him to kill Dhriti.
  • When Salman go there, Dhriti take the glass piece, attacked on Salman, and he died on the spot. Then Dhriti try to run from there meanwhile Sajid reached there.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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