The Family Man Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English – Here You’ll Get An Unlimited Provocative Preposterous Way.

At the end of The Family Man Season 2 Episode 6 we have seen that Srikant and his team seized Raji. Meanwhile Sajid with local supoort, took Raji with him. When Sajid knew Srikant is again leading this case then he make a plan to kidnapped his daughter. To know more about the show read The Family Man Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check The Family Man Season 2 review.

“The Family Man Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English”

Now Salman get order from Sajid, and then he text a message to Dhriti, that he wants to meet her. Altogether Dhriti response is positive.

  • In the next scene Srikant, is thinking, when Raji knew about the death of Jabaraj. Then why she went in Jabaraj home? That mean she defenitely went there to take something important.
  • Then Srikant decide to go again in Jabaraj home. When they searched there, they find a detonator of explosive there.
  • Now Srikant understood that Raji came here to get the detonator. Moreover they guess their plan, that Tamil Rebel, wants to fill the explosive in the plane, and during the PM. meeting, they’ll do airstrike.
  • In the next scene Rebel’s arranged a doctor for Raji. Because she shooted during the fight. Doctor is applying an ointment, and dressing.
  • Furthermore now they don’t have a Detonatr then Sajid is plannig to make a new detonator.

“Dhirti Kidnapped”

Dhirti is getting ready for date. Now Salman and Drirti going to watch a movie, after that Salman said her, that his parents is not at home, so can she join a night with him? Dhriti get ready to go with him. Then Salman kidnapped her.

  • Suchitra is contacting with Dhriti’s friend, then she inform Suchitra – Dhriti’s plan was to going movie with her boyfriend named Kalyan. But after that I don’t know where they go.
  • Then Suchitra informed Srikant, Dhriti is not at home, she was with her boyfriend. Meanwhile Srikant understood, that Dhriti may be kidnapped.

And The Episode 7 Ends Here.

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