Tandav Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English

Tandav Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English- So You’ll Get Here A New Massive Samash Thriller.

Tandav TV Series

At the end of Episode 5 we have seen that, how Gurpal killed Vishal and all is going accordding to his plan. Because he and Samar Pratap Singh wans Shiva file election nomination for the president post of the college. So Gurpal trapped Chetan in this mess, to make misunderstanding in between Chetan and Shiva. All is going according to Samar and Gurpal plan, What will be their next step? To know all about that read Tandav Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English”

“Babool Ka Ped”

  • Now Gurpal is saying to Samar – I have killed that boy sir. Your plan is working sir.
  • Samar – Did you check the footages?
  • Gurpal – I am making a list, of the people who visited the hospital that night. I am keeping an eyes on the doctor’s movement as well. But I doubt we’ll get anything substantial in there. Because three out of the four cameras on the Postmorterm floor were not working.
  • Now Shiva is fighting with Chetan, where Shiva is asking to Chetan -Sana found Vishal phone in your drawer, how it came there?
  • Then Chetan reply -Someone have planted it ! They planted that phone in my drawer! It’s a conspirac, the opposite team is trying to break us!

Now Gurpal make a all to Jigar and tells him- Why is Shiva still holding Vishal phone? tell your girl sana, to hand over the phone to the police.

Now Jigar tells to Sana, but Sana deny to do his work. Because after the death of Vishal she affraid to do all things. But Jigar threat her – You’re a part of this now, and you’ve been paid for it. So you can’t back out. Tell Shiva! to hand over that phone over to the police.

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“Shiva Handover Vishal Phone to police”

  • Now Shiva and Sana went police station, where police asked them – How long have you had this phone?
  • Sana – We found it last evening.
  • Police – Why didn’t you report it?
  • Shiva – Sir ! we didn’t know what to do with it, and we merely suspect Chetan. we’re not sure.
  • After that police arrest Chetan Kranti.

“Samar Visit In The University”

  • Now Samar visit in VNU university. Where Jigar introduce Samar – Samar Pratap Singh is my best friend, he’s also a former president of the student union. We were roommates for a year in this university. I met him today for a book I am writing about the late Mr. Devki Nandan. Furthermore I told him about Vishal’s death, and he insisted on meeting every single one of you.
  • Then Samar gives his speech – I am not here to speak on behalf of my party, I am here for Vishal.
  • Then Jigar introduce Shiva with Samar, Where Samar tells to Shiva – You are an excellent orator, proud of you.

“New War ” Tandav Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English

Now Gurpal gives order to police to leave Chetan from the jail. Then police left him, when he come out from the jail – The opposite team member is priming Chetan – Shiva wants to be the college president! That’s exactly why he’s getting everyone out of his way.

After that Chetan and Shiva with their all members start fighting with each other.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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