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  • In last Episode we saw, Maninder takes Himmat in a gun point. Himmat is asking to him – why you’re doing this? Then Maninder tells his flashback story – He was sent to Serbia, for a mission. There were two other RAW officers with him. Their target was ISI officer, but during fight, he grabbed by ISI. They kept torturing him, and he kept waiting for his rescue. This continued for six days. Sixth day he barely opened his eyes, he found two RAW officer was working for ISI. Maninder somehow managed to run, before that he killed everyone there. When he returned to Delhi, he told everyone, that his colleagues eliminated by enemies. These two RAW officer were honoured posthumously. While he faced an inquiry on one of their family member’s allegations,which lasted for six months.
  • Maninder was busy in flashback story, meanwhile smartly Himmat run away from there.

In the next side Some people came in mask, and hijacked Vijay car, then Karishma run with those man.

Himmat and Vijay arrived at Delhi, without any lead.

Special Ops 1.5 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

  • Himmat girlfriend Anita and Vijay family is going for dinner. When they returned from restaurents, Himmat arrives at Anita’s house. He started to asks her -I know you’re working for Maninder, There after Anita, started to cry. Himmat is asking what’s Maninder next step? Then Anita tells may they’re meeting in Ukraine.
  • Vijay and Himmat goes Ukraine. Vijay is asking – who’s your source who infromed you that Sankalp and Muninder is meeting here? But Himmat didn’t disclose Anita’s name. Now Vijay and Himmat finds Karishma, therefore Himmat decide to run after, Karishma, and he shows her gun.
  • Meanwhile someone knocked Vijay door, and he find Maninder is targeting gun on him.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.

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