Panchayat Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here A Simplistic Insanely Way Of Story

Panchayat is an Indian web series. However you will find the great mixture of comedy, darama, and an emotion. Furthermore this series will motivate you towards sucess. Moreover before reading the 1st epiosde of this season check all the major character of this season. In continuation of this article you will get very easy and detailed explanation of Panchayat Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

“Gram Panchayat Phulera”

In the first scene of this Episode Abhisekh is travelling in a bus and going to Phulera village at Uttar-Pardesh. He have no any other option so that he is joining a job of Panchayat Secretary and his posting is in Phulera village.

  • Abhisekh is on the way and he is reminding his past when he was taliking with his friend Prateek.
  • Prateek – If you have a probleam with this job, then why apply for it in the first place?
  • Abhisekh – What other choice did i have? You know the reality of my college placement. I thought i’ll apply for it just to be safe. The job seemed easy to crack.
  • Prateek – Don’t worry ! something is better than nothing. Don’t be irritated. You have a govt job in your pocket. So don’t give up before trying, later you can think about what to do next.
  • Finally Abhisekh reached Phulera.
  • Vikas tells to Abhisekh – Hello sir. My name is vikas your office assistent. I hope you had a pleasant journey.
  • Abhisekh – Yes, of course.
  • Dypty Pardhan (Prahlad) of the village showing him office. and saying this is our office cosists of three rooms. One of which belongs to the Prdhan, the rest sit in the hall, and we have set you up in the third room which was vacant. we have kept a pillow and mattres for you.
  • Abhisekh – Okay thank you. But where is the key?
  • Prahlad – The keys with the Pradhan, he is on the way.
Panchayat Season 01 Episode 01 Story Explanation In English

“Prdhan Ji Has Lost Office Key” Panchayat Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

Prdhan ji comes and welcome to Abhisekh and tells him – The key was in my pocket but now it’s not here. I think i have dropped it in the fields.

  • Abhisekh – Which field was it?
  • Prdhan ji – I must have dropped it somewhere on the way. Come with me we’ll find together.

They all are searching key but they all are unable to find. Finally Abhisekh tells to everyone please break the lock.But Prdhan ji reply to him – We can’t break the lock because the lock belongs to my wife Manju devi, she got it from her parents. So try to understand my probleam. But i have a solution.

  • Prdhan ji tells to Vikas – Run to market, and get the locksmith.
  • Vikas – But how can i run 15 kilometers?
  • Prdhan ji – Take the Abhisekh motorcycle.
  • Abhisekh – How long will it take?
  • Vikas – Normally it takes an hour. The locksmiths normally rest in the afternoon. So it can take more than an hour.
Panchayat Season 01 Episode 01 Story Explanation In English

Finally Vikas comes after a long time of period. Abhisekh ask to him – Where is key and Locksmith? How did the motorcycle indicator break?

Vikas – I was bringing the locksmith with me when suddenly his phone ring. His wife expecting and she was experiencing labour pains. On humanitarian grounds, i had to turn the motorcycle around. Since it was an emergency i was speeding, but suddenly a buffalo came out of nowhere. By the time i braked it was already too late, I survived but the locksmith and his wife were admitted to the same hospitals.

“Abhishek Decide to Break The Lock”

  • Abhishek tells to Vikas – Call the Prdhan ji we’ll have to break the locks.
  • Vikas calls Prdhan ji – Hello Prdhan ji the locksmith won’t come for at least a couple of days we’ll have to break the lock. If we don’t break the lock , then the office will stay closed.

Now Prdhan ji is talking with his wife Manju Devi, and taking permission for break lock.

  • Manju Devi – How many times have i said keep the key tied to your waist.But no, you like to show off, you have to keep the key in your pocket.
  • Prdhan ji – You’re right but where will the Panchayat Secretary stay till that time.
  • Manju – I don’t care where he stay.
  • Prdhan ji – Let him stay in our home then.
  • Manju – we have a daughter, and you’ll let a stranger stay in the house. He can’t stay here you can break the lock. And invite him to dinner only.
  • Finally Vikas is breaking the lock and Abhishek is going to Prdhan ji house for dinner. When Abhishek reach to his office he find the door broken.
  • Abhishek says to Vikas – Who told you to break the door?
  • Vikas – I was breaking the lock, but the lock turned out to be sturdier than the door.
  • Prdhan ji – Don’t worry we’ll fix it tomorrow.

“Abhishek Is Not Happy From His Job” Panchayat Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

  • Abhishek roam around the office and his room, and he is looking very tired and full of disapointment. Then he call his firend Prateek and tells him – He don’t want to live here.
  • Prateek – I know you are looking for a high profile job, and now you have only one option you will have to clear CAT.
  • Abhishek – There’s no way i can clear CAT.
  • Prateek – Every day after office you will have to dedicate at least 4 hours of preparations for CAT.
  • Abhishek – Do me a favour, Mail me the CAT materials.
  • Prateek – Yes, definitely I’ll send you the best books.

Suddenly the power cut.

And The Episode End’s Here.

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