Here You Can See An Amazing, Dirty & Happy Surprise In Paatal Lok Season 1 Episode 8 Story

At the end of Episode 07 we have seen that how Hathi Ram is doing an indivisually investigation. Moreover he found the truth of Tyagi and connection of Tyagi with Gwala and Master ji. Furthermore one guy of Gwala is following Hathi Ram. But at a time he ran away from there. So what will be the connection of Master ji’s with Sanjeev? To know all about that read Paatal Lok Season 1 Episode 8 Story. Furthermore watch Paatal Lok web series in Amazon Prime.

“Paatal Lok Season 1 Episode 8 Story”

“Black Widow”

Here in the first scene of this episode Bajpaaye seminar is going. Where Hathi Ram heard some reporter is doing gossips of Bajpaaye, where he heard the reporter is saying – Bajpayee is in Chitrakoot, but Gwala is missing, What is that mess is going here?

Now Hathi Ram used reporter Amitosh I-card. Then joi the press meeting of Bajpayee. Where one reporter is asking – Who’s your party candidate for the elections this year? Bajpayee replied him – The final list of candidates will be out in a few days. The confrence is going but suddenly Hathi Ram find Bajpayee personal asistent Shukla. Hathi Ram noticed Shukla with one women, he thought he looked her before but he forget who is she?

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When the press confrence over Hathi Ram follow that women. Where he find she is going in a hotel. But after some time Shukla come ina same hotel and turn to her room and come back after some time. Hathi Ram understood Shukla have an affair with this women.

He think a lot where he looked her before? Finally he get in his mind he show her image in Tope Singh mobile, and she is Tope Singh girlfriend “Chanda”. Then Hathi Ram goes in her room and tells him – I am from Delhi Police, So tell me truth what I am asking to you.

Paatal Lok Episode 8 Review: Black Widow – Appocalypse
  • Then Hathi Ram asked her about Tope Singh, She says – He was a psycho man sir, i was loved him but he is psycho in love. He many times threatened me I am cutting my vanes and all. Therefore I want to go far from Tope Singh.
  • One day i met to Shukla ji i told him full story of my life.
  • Hathi Ram – Then how you plan to go ahead from Tope Singh?
  • Chanda – I did Shukla help. Then 2 to 3months before Shukla asked me to convince Tope Singh for an assignment.
  • Hathi Ram – What assignment?
  • Chanda – He had to meet one Tyagi in a hotel in Delhi and stay with him till the job was done. Shukla promised me that Tope Singh won’t bother me after that.
চন্দা হয়ত পাতাল লোক থেকে একদিন স্বর্গ লোকে পৌঁছোতে চায়', অকপট অনিন্দিতা  বসু - Bengali Actor Anindita Bose on playing Chanda in Amazon prime's 'Paatal  Lok', Bangla News

“Hathi Ram Is Little Confuse” Paatal Lok Season 1 Episode 8 Story

Now Hathi Ram is little confusing about the all connection related to this investigation. So she make a phone call for Ansari and told him – I need a phone record of DCP Bhagat. Furthermore we need to know his where abouts in the days leading to the four’s arrest.

  • Here in the next scene of this Episode reporter Amitosh gives some list of party condidate in this election to Hathi Ram. Gwala Gujjar name are mention there for opposition party of Bajpayee.
  • Hathi Ram asked to Amitosh but they was together since many years? Why Gwala is coming in his opposite party?
  • Amitosh – Donullia never wanted anyone from his family into politics. But this time what is happening here this time we dont know. It’s surprising Donullia allowed Gwala to contest the elections.

“HathiRam Understand Full Theory Behind This – The Actual Target Were Those Four, Who Is In The Jail Not Sanjeev Mehra”

Now Hathi Ram go an office where death records collect. Now he checked there something. Meanwhile Ansari call Hathi Ram and told him – Sir I’ve got DCP Bhagat cell phones record. I matched those phone record with Tope Singh’s cell phone. And its matched sir. DCP Bhagat had been following them for three days before thre arrest.

Now Hathi Ram understood the full theory behind this – He tells to Ansari, Actually Sanjeev Mehra was never the target. The target were those four.

Now suddenly the Gwala’s one guy come there. Then they kidnapped Hathi Ram.

Paatal Lok Season01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English
Paatal Lok Season01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English

And The Episode Ends Here.

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