Money Heist Season 5 Episode 2 Story Explanation Of Vol.1 –

Money Heist Season 5 Episode 1 end we have seen that, Proffesor caught by Alicia. Furthermore they don’t have plan-B to escape from the bank. Now cops is get ready for their entry inside the Bank. How will all robbers will handle the situation without any support of proffesor? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 5 Episode 2 Story Explanation Of Vol.1 In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

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  • Lisbon, Tokyo and Monica are going outside the bank, without care of if soldiers are aiming them. Lisbon is showing white flag to “Colonel Tamayo”, because it’s been a symbol of peace.
  • When “Angel” convince “Colonel”, then he set up security at corridor for negotiate with them.
  • When Colonel ask to Lisbon what she want then she reply Gandia is injured very badly. So he urgently needs a neurosurgeon. But this was Lisbon plan, because she want to find – Is Proffesor under the Cop’s prison or not? After some casual talk and deal with colonel, Lisbon understood that Proffesor is not in their hand.
  • Lisbon, Tokyo and Monica is going inside, here Gandia is provoking Tokyo – how he killed Nairobi. There-after Tokyo loose her senses and start to hitted Gandia. In between this scenerio “Arturo” take a gun, and start to shooted there. Therefore Denver, and some hostages wounded by bullets, and some of the hostages is escapping with Arturo.
  • A biggest gun firing war is going inside the bank in between robbers and hostages.

After heard a gun sound outside the bank, Colonel is looking worry, and curious to taking a step against Robbers. Colonel stood his army outside the bank, when they try to enter – Monica and Bogota start to firing and pushed Gandia outside the bank.

In the next scene Alicia is recording a video with Proffesor, and recording the video that she is the single police who got succeed to caught Proffesor. Now Benjamin and Marseille reached there, but they are unaware Inspector Alicia is there. When Proffesor scream inspector is here, Alicia fell something on Proffesor head and he get unconscious.

Arturo is reacting like a revenous hungry tiger, and he blow a granade on robbers. Furthermore he is using machine gun to kill them. Robbers is protecting theirself, but Arturo is provoking Denver willingly, because he wants to kill Denver.

Meanwhile “Monica” is sniggling from the vent, and stood up in front of Arturo with pointing a gun on his head. There-after she fired two to three times on Aruturo.

And The Episode Ends Here