Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation –

Mohanagr TV Series

In Episode 5 ending we have seen that, Afnan girlfriend Priyanka changed the full case. Because she said that Afnan was with her at the accident night. To know full story here read Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check another movies review.

Harun is now asking to Afnan, he said he was alone, inside the car, So why he didn’t inform him that Priyanka was with him? Afnan wants to save himself so he lied, and said yes Priyanka was with him. Harun is now again plotting a plan to save Afnan.

Now story turns in flashback –

“When Afnan was in party, he wants to talk, Zara. Afnan know Zara is Rizwan’s girlfriend, even he’s flirting with her”.

  • In the next scene, finally Harun allow, Abir, to go from the police station. Then he goes from there, furthermore, Abir is now making a phone call to Romana, that he wants to meet her.
  • Meanwhile Harun again stop Abir car, and arrest him. Harun is now planning to frame, Abir in accident case of Afnan.

Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation

  • Abir is screaming and asking what he did wrong? But no one is answering him. After that Moloy go to meet him, Moloy know this that Harun is an intentionally framing Abir and set fake alligation.
  • So Moloy promise Abir, that he’ll help him to release from here. Because Moloy know, Abir is inculpable.
  • Moloy is asking to Abir – at the night of accident, with whom you were, will someone give this statement here? Then Abir calls to Romana and tells his all probleam to her, But Romana deny to help him, because she don’t want to trapped in Police case.

Moloy is torturing Abir, and forcing him to confess the accident blame on your head. But Abir is denying.

And The Episode 6 Ends Here.

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