Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation –

Who is the Victim? Will Sahana find out the truth? Without any reason Abir how long, will he survive there? Consequently you can check here Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 4. To know full story here read Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check another movies review.

Now Sahana check CCTV photages of accident night, with her team. Where they notice, Accident photages is missing from there. Then Sahana becomes suspicious on Harun, that he is the one here, who can delete all photages.

Sahana is asking Harun about CCTV photages, meanwhile Harun is giving her an excuse, and trying to change the topic. But Sahana is warning him, that she want CCTV photages from anywhere.

  • In the next scene, Harun is asking Afnan about that night of party, why he left the party?
  • Afnan is replying – At that night, he was playing a cards with his friends circle. Then here Afnan lose the match, from his opposition Rizwan. After that Rizwan start to taunts Afnan, and Rizwan was making him insult. Therefore Afnan got angry and they start to fought. Hence Afnan left the party.

Harun is now asking to Moloy – did he tells Sahana, who deleted the CCTV photages? Now Harun is threatning Moloy, After investigation, if not today then tomorrow she will leave from here. After that we two shall work together here, as we was doing. So don’t try to be oversmart.

Mohanagar Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation

  • In the next scene, one women has been walking since from the long time, in outside the police station. because no one is taking her report, inside the station. Then she keep her points in front of media, her husband was missing from last some days.
  • Meanwhile Afnan girlfriend Priyanka comes there, and she is an actress, so all media is running behind her. Now she answer politely every question of media.

Then Priyanka meets to Sahana, Actually Sahana calls Priyanka for interrogation regards Afnan. Where Priyanka is telling – At the night of accident, Afnan and Priyanka was together, Furthermore they hangout full night. Priyanka is trying to save Afnan so here she’s lying.

After record her statement, she met to Afnan, but Afnan is looking angry from Priyanka, and he doesn’t want to talk to her. But Priyanka is saying she is the one here, who can help him, to release from this case, so she told to police that Afnan was with me.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.