Kota Factory Season 2 Full Story And Ending Explanation

Kota Factory Season 1 we saw, that it captures the life of IIT and Medical exam aspirants as they face both Competition and Life st. Therefore After the great popularity of Kota Factory Season 1, Netflix has released Kota Factory Season 2 On September 24. Check here Kota Factory Season 2 Full Story And Ending Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Vaibhav has joined Maheshwari classess, and here he meet to “shushrut“, they lived in same P.G. Next day they get ready for orientation of Maheshwari institute. Where many students were sitting. Mr.Maheshwari comes in stage and now he is telling to his students – for believe in coching and attend the all test and classess quietly. Because after follow their instructions and guidelines students may clear their exams.

  • Next day all students are ready to take their classess, but Vaibhav is looking upset because he is unable to notedown anything, because teacher teaching speed was very fast.
  • When Vaibhav reached in his room, he found Shushrut is crying in his room. Then Shushrut tells to Vaibhav – That he can’t qualify IIT, because he doesn’t understand the classess. Where Vaibhav is trying to motivate him, but Shushrut doesn’t want to listen anything.

Kota Factory Season 2 Complete Explanation in English

In other side Jeetu Bhaiya has left Prodigy institute. Therefore Prodigy’s some students – Meena, Meenal, Vartika, and Uday, are going to meet Jeetu Bhaiya. Then Jeetu Bhaiya tells them, that he is opening institute soon. So old students of prodigy is allow there without fee.

Next day Vaibhav meets to their old coachingmates – Uday, Meenal, and Vartika. Vaibhav was thinking that they all are there for him, meanwhile Uday tells him – Jeetu Bhaiya is opening his institute here, so they came here to meet Jeetu Bhaiya.

Vaibhav is looking happy, because Jeetu Bhaiya’s coaching is next to Vaibhav PG. When they go to meet “Jeetu Bhaiya”, he motivate them, meanwhile Shushrut motivated, and decide to study hard. Now Jeetu is allowing them to join physics classess from Monday.

Kota Factory Season 2 Full Story And Ending Explanation

Next day Vaibhav and Shushrut completed their chemistry lecture, and get ready to join physics classess of Jeetu. But security guard didn’t give them outing entry from Maheshwari. Next day he again try to go from there, still security guard didn’t allow him.

Later Vaibhav and Shushrut goes to meet MR.Maheshwari and saying that he don’t want to join physics classess here. Somehow Vaibhav convinced MR.Maheshwari then finally he allow them.

  • Next side Shivangi is convincing Vaibhav and Vartika to share their feelings with each other. Therefore they go for coffee.
  • Now Jeetu is recruiting a female teacher for chemistry subject, and her name is “Sarika”.
  • After some time, Jeetu sir is taking test of his subject, but Vartika is absent. When vaibhav go to meet her, he found – That Vartika and Meenal is scaring, because they got less mark in every test. So now Jeetu sir is couraging them to believe in theirself.

Mr. Maheshwari is now offering Jeetu Sir for physics faculties. But Jitu deny to take his offer.

Day by day Vaibhav is getting sick, so he can’t focus on class, and he is felling sleepy in his every class. Meanwhile Jeetu Sir suggest all students, once they should go hospital for full body checkup. Because exam is near, and time is less, so they can’t waste their time, in any recocvery.

Season 2 of Kota Factory Complete Story

Next day all students goes for their health checkup, and Vaibhav is suffering from Jaundice. Therefore Vaibhav mom’s comes there, and he get early recovery from Jaundice. Then Vaibhav mom goes from there.

Now JEE result has declared and Jeetu sir many students has qualified, in other side AIR-1 has declared from Maheshwari Institute. Vaibhav, Uday, and Meena’s will able to attend JEE exam for next year Therefore they’re going in every coching institute to see other students reaction. Maheshwari announce a BMW car gift for AIR-1.

Meanwhile Sarika ma’am calls to Jeetu, due to some personal probleam she can’t join his institute. Moreover Jeetu sir disapointed, because today he oragnise a seminar in his coching. Later maths teacher informs them, that Sarika ma’am has joined Maheshwari.

IN the next scene Jeetu oragnise a party for those students, who didn’t get selection, where he is making them understand to don’t feel worthless, because every one, who keep a guts to participate in war, will never be a looser, even he win the war or loss. Furthermore failure is a part of victory. Now all students are cheering theirself, and enjoying Jeetu Sir Party.

Meanwhile Jeetu sir received a call, his face fades, and he looked worried and upset. Behind this scene we heard an ambulence sound.

And The Season 2 of Kota Factory ends Here.