Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

Here You’ll Get An Excited Way Of Thriller In – Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English & Hindi.

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At the end of Money Heist Season 3 Episode 1 we have seen that Rio has arrested but its hasn’t made on paper. Moreover professor is planning next robbery to safe Rio, robber of Gold in Bank Of Spain. This is the plan of Berlin which he made five years ago. How will robbers enter in Bank Of Spain? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check Money Heist Season 3 review.

“Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English & Hindi”

All people are collecting money from the road of Spain, As we all know to robbery in Bank Of Sapin is the plan of Berlin. Now professor is coming live & giving messages to public – Professor remove his mask, and show his face to everyone and saying. – The police have arrested one of us in a forgein country “Anibal Cortes”. It’s been almost two months since that happened. No legal proceedings have been initiated, he kept him in some unknown place, and torturing him. So we’re demanding the immediate end to this illegal detention.

  • Prieto gives an order to take army in the streets.
  • In the next scene all robbers is looking in the dress of Army. This time Raquel is helping Professor, furthermore now they utilize their money and set an advance control room to detect all activity. Professor and Raquel is using moving vanity, and controlling everything from there.
  • Three weeks before the heist they were inside both CNI and the police’s mobile phones, through apps like whatsAPP. They could activate their mic, camera and GPs. Rio’s job is handling by the 65pakistanis.
  • This time incharge of the robbery is handling by “Palermo”.

“Public Is With The Robbers”

  • Now all robbers in the look of army in the army truck reaching in the streets where are public.
  • In the next scene inspector “Alicia Sierra”, she’s pregnant. But she’s very cruel, she’s torturing Rio very badly. and asking Professor adress.
  • All public is with the robbers so public is protesting in the streets against the police.
  • All robbers reach outside the Bank Of Spain. Police is busy to handle the public there. Security is very tight there, when they try to enter there the security outside the bank of Spain didn’t allow them because they didn’t get any order some other forces is coming there.
  • Now one security call to their officer – Please confirm the information to access the BRIPAC guard inside the Bank of Spain?
  • Professor and Raquel disorted voice and hack their call, and give the permission to enter those guard inside. Now all robbers enter in to the bank.

“Finally Robbers Are Inside The Bank”

  • But inside the bank they see crowd is more, so “Palermo” who is acting like a captain of the force ordered everyone – I want everyone down here in three minutes. Now all collect there, the crowd is high to make them hostages is too dificult to handle so Palermo decide – evacuate the building in two groups. They give order to group 1 run away.
  • Robbers already set the bomb in the wall of Bank Of Spain. Now Professor give order to Palermo blow it.

“And The Episode Ends Here”

“Money Heist Season 3 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English & Hindi”

Story मे तीन Timeline है 1st जब 5साल पहले Berlin, Palermo, and Professor प्लानिंग बनाते है 2nd जब रोब्बेर्स का ट्रेनिंग time रहता है और तीसरा present time। Episode 2 कि शुरुवात मे हम देखते है कि शहर के सभी लोग सड़क पर इक्क्ठेहो गए है kyunki सड़क पर 140 million euros बिखरे है इसी बीच प्रोफेसर live आता है और अपना फ़ेस रिवील करता है और पब्लिक को बताता है कि पुलिस वालों ने उनके एक आदमी को पकड़ लिया है और उसे बहुत ज्यादा बुरा torture किया जा रहा है police ने उसे बिना कि FIR के illegal पकड़ा है इसलिए अब वह पहले से भी ज्यादा बड़ी robbery करने वाले है फिर हम Rio को देखते है जिसे कई महीनो से काल कोठरी मे बंद करके torture किया जा रहा है

और उसे हमेसा नशे वाली दवाई दाल कर कॉफी पिलाई जाती है ताकि वह प्रोफेसर का पता बता दे लेकिन actual मे Rio को भी Professor का पता नहीं था

“Public Is With The Robbers”

फिर हम intelligence head प्रिएटो को देखते है जो army का इंतेजाम करता है हर बैंक के आगे, ताकि वो रोब्बेर्स को पकड़ पाएँ इस बार प्रोफेसर के पास इतने पैसे थे कि उसने अपने हर सिस्टम को एडवांस तरीके से तैयार किया था और करीब 65 पाकिस्तानी हैकर hire किए थे और उन्होने CNI and police force के फोन hack किए थे और उनके माइक्रोफोन एक्टिवेट कर दिये थे जिनके चलते अब प्रोफेसर अपने base पर बैठे बैठे ही सब बात सुन सकता था और इस बार प्रोफेसर का base एक चलती फिरती van थी अब यह सारे रोब्बेर्स आर्मी BRIPAC कि ड्रेस पहन कर बैंक ऑफ स्पेन के बाहर चले जाते है But security head इन्हे अंदर जाने से मना कर देते है क्यूंकी जब तक prieto इनको ऑर्डर नहीं दे देते

अब प्रोफेसर अपने base से voice changer का use करके security head को अंदर जाने को कहते है । और अब इस तरह सारे रोब्बेर्स अपने हथियार के साथ अंदर चले जाते है अब सारे robbers अंदर सभी लोगों को एक जगह पर एकत्रित कर देते है So वहाँ पर भीड़ ज्यादा होने के कारण palermo उन्हे दो ग्रुप मे बाँट देता है ग्रुप 1 को बाहर जाने को कहा जाता है

“And The Episode Ends Here”

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