Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Story Summary & Review

This film directed by James Gunn, and produced by MCU. Here’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Story Summary & Review.

Review –

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is one of the successful movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU. Therefore this Movie gets a massive success. Guardians of the Galaxy” praised for many reason, the dialogue on point. Altogether unique blend of space adventure, makes it more curious. Apart from this the soundtrack is more attractive. So basically this movie gets a super success, which is continuing other parts of MCU in future.

Story Summery – The film starts from the year of 1988. In the first scene we see a young guy Peter Quill. Someone is kidnapping Peter, and taking him somewhere. The kidnapper is Ravagers. Ravagers is a group of space pirates. Meanwhile when Peter grows up, he become the deceitful, dishonest, mischievous men. He steals an Orb from the Morag planet. Due to this many factions, like Ronan the Accuser one of them, be prominent from the Peter. Peter is doing many mischievous things. Meanwhile after a series of events, Peter ends up in prison. Here he meet a guy named Gamora.

Gamora is a serious, skilled killer. Moreover he wants to run out from there. After that Peter and Gamora joined by Drax the Destroyer. Drax is too a warrior, who wants to take revenge of his family’s death. Ronan, Rocket, and Groot join the group as well. Rocket is a genetically modified raccoon, and Groot is a sentient tree-like creature. So now they all escape from the prison. Orb from the Morag Planet which has stolen by the Peter, they find Orb’s potential in danger. So they formed a group, and their group is discovering Orb’s. Furthermore here they find Orb is containing a powerful infinity stones. Consequently Ronan with the help of Thanos, are trying to use destructive power of stone to eliminate all the planets.

Meanwhile Peter’s group is making a unit named Guardians. Where they decide to stop Ronan, from destructing the planets. Here they meet a new character called Collector. Consequently they discover the real nature of Infinity stone. After that at the end of the scene with the help of Infinity stone’s power, they confront with the Ronan, and defeat him. Movie ends with the Guardians deciding to stay together as a team, and they leave the orb.

Here’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Story Summary & Review completed.