Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie Story Summary & Review

In this article you’ll find Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie Story Summary & Review. The film’s blend of superhero action, wartime drama, and a touch of romance.

Review –

“Captain America: The First Avenger” is considered an excellence entry in the MCU. So it sets the stage for future MCU films. The film successfully introduces the character into the MCU and showcases his values of courage and selflessness. The film’s blend of superhero action, wartime drama, and a touch of romance.

Story Summery – In the first scene of this movie we see World War 2. Also the Steve Rogers is the first character. Steve wants to join the military but he’s physically weak. Due to this reason he’s repeatedly rejected. Later he got selected for a secret project called “Operation Rebirth.” So now Dr. Abraham gives him a super-soldier serum injection. Which transform him into Captain America. So now Captain America equipped with his iconic shield.

In the next scene we see Johann Schmidt. He also known as the Red Skull. Moreover he’s the leader of Nazi research division Hydra. He is continuously working on this research and at the end he find power of Tesseract. Tesseract is the source of powerful energy. So he plans to use it to dominate the world. Moreover Captain America with his comrades Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, is ready for a battles against Hydra force.

When Captain America enters in Hydra bases. He discover his all plan to use weapons mass destruction. The dangerous battle is going and suddenly they enter in Hydra’s main base. Here Captain America interacts with Red Skull. But during this confrontation, the Tesseract send Red Skull to another dimension.

After this battle Captain America sacrifices himself and he crashed with the plane. Because the weapon into the Arctic inside the plane. He also prevent the Tesseract from falling into the wrong. So Captain America presumed dead. But later his body found frozen somewhere.

Film climax is when Steve Rogers waking in hospital. Then he realize that he’s been frozen for many decades. Meanwhile Nick Fury is explaining him that he’s been asleep.

Furthermore he explain him that world needs Captain America now.

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