Aashram Season 1 Episode 5 Explanation In English –

Aashram Season 1 Episode 4 ending we saw, Victim sister has recognised her, after see some evidence. How will this case is connected with the Aashram? To know the story further read Aashram Season 1 Episode 5 Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Sohini is now disclosing who is victim – She was Sohini’s elder sister, who was working in a Savnam Hotel. But after some time she suddenly disappeared. Sohini tried to file missing complaint of her sister from “SHO Maikal. Maikal is now working in a Aashram as a security incharge of Aashram.

In the next scene DIG is searching history of Baba Nirala Ji, Where his ex-wife tells to DIG – His name was Mounty Singh. He was involved in domestic violence with his wife, this is why she shifted her two child in London.

Baba Ji is now aware about DIG. Consequently Baba ji and his man set up a plan to trapped DIG, and now they’re threatning DIG to show him, his personal video with other girl.

Sati is now ready for his marriage. Meanwhile he get aware, he’s marrying with a prostitude. After that Sati deny to marry with that girl. But now if he’ll deny for marriage then he and his sister Pammi will expelled from the Aashram. Therefore Sati get agree to marry with her.

In hostel – girls who is sharing room with Pammi, their name is Kavita and Sanovar. These two girls didn’t speak to her, and always lived quite. Warden of the hostel behaved with them as a servant.

Aashram Season 1 Episode 5 Explanation In English

In the next side Inspector Ujagar is seeing six year old CCTV photages of Savnam Hotel. There they find Kavita with Mohini(Victim). Now cops is going Kavita’s house for investigation, and there Kavita’s parents is telling to Ujagar – In her young age, she was widowed. After that she decided to live in Aashram.

Inspector Ujagar is now making a call to Kavita, where she is replying – I don’t want to live here, meanwhile call disconnected. Because a vestal women in a Aashram grabbed Kavita to talking with someone. After that they all imprisoned Kavita in a cell.

Ujagar is now understood Kavita is suffering from some probleam in a Aashram.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.

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