Aashram Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English

Aashram Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English –

Aashram TV Series

Aashram Season 1 Episode 1 ending we see, how the higher caste people make living difficult for the lower caste. To know the story further read Aashram Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

  • Now we see, Baba-Nirala ji and his P.A Bhopa Swami ji is threatning Chaudhry Singh, for what he done with the lower caste people. When CM get this news, he is scaring, Baba is becoming the superhero in front of downtrodden people, and it will be the big loss of CM in next election.
  • Therefore Baba solve the probleams in between both caste people, altogether, now the grooms wedding is passing happily from the higher caste people street. After that Baba Ji become the messiah of the both community.

In the next scene, a skeleton found in Mishra Project Land, meanwhile Baba Ji awake from his sleep.

Now STory Turns In Flashback year 2007-

A girl is escaping from “Savnam Hotel”, Baba Ji’s PA- Bhopa, and Gava is following her, after that they killed her, and bury her body in a jungle.

Now we Story of 2012 –

Due to found a skeleton in Mishra’s land, all media and police conjugate there. And all area has sealed but the labour is denying to work on this land. Because this is the project of CM, that is why CM forcefully pressurising police to continue the project work on that land.

  • Hukam Singh(Opposite party leader) is provoking people against CM. That CM is providing Jungle area for factory construction, and this is how CM-Sundar Lal is corrupting.
  • After that due to this issue, a meeting oragnised by the CM, and opposition party member.

Aashram Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English

In the next scene Pammi and Sangita who studied in the same college, is fighting with each other. Moreover Pammi’s brother Satendra is looking upset because he get his half salary. Because his boss is belongs to Upper caste, and due to FIR against upper caste people by the lower caste, his boss is taking revenge from him.

Doctor Natasha is making a forensic report of that skeleton – she was a girl, and body was 5 to 7 years old, she had attacked by the sharp weapon. When Baba Nirala Ji aware about this news, he order Bhopa to change the forensic report.

Police is too suspecting that the case may related from the Hermitage. This is why police and reporter Aki reached in Aashram. But no one is giving entry to Aki.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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