Mukesh Khanna's Elder Sister Passes Away

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We all are familliar from Mukesh Khanna role in “Shaktimaan”, Furthermore he is an indian actor. Who works in many hindi film and television show. He did many hit televison show i’e- Mahabharat, Shaktimaan etc. Wednesday night he post a sad message in his social media handle. To know how Mukesh Khanna’s Elder Sister Passes Away?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a corona-virus. Moreover most of the people infected with the Covid-19 virus. We can say its a death virus, because the one small disease are playing with peoples life. Mukesh Khanna’s only elder sister Kamal Kapoor has died to to covid, he shared this news in his social media handle.

Kamal Kapoor was lived in Delhi. Who recently just 14 days before infected from Corona – Virus. But she had recovered from Covid -19 a few days ago. Because due to succumbed to lung disease she died on wednesday 12 may 2021. She was the only elder sister of Mukesh Khanna. So he looked very sad.

Know How “Mukesh Khanna’s Elder Sister Passes Away”?

  • This is really a hard time for all of us who is loosing their loves one. Mukesh Khanna wrote a post on his facebook in hindi – Where he wrote –
  • “Today my only elder sister Kamal Kapoor has passed away in Delhi, I am very sorry for her death, we have all come into the family, Its really hard to speak death of our loved one. He said after defeating Covid in 12 days, She was defeated by Lung Congestion. I don’t know, what god actually want. Moreover he wrote I am shaken for the first time in my life.” Then he gives her sister a tribute.

Check Mukesh Khanna latest post on his late sister Kamal Kapoor in facebook.

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