“Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega” Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation -“Lavishly Swindle Of Theft”

At the end of Jamtara Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that, Rocky is seeming jealous of Sunny. Furthermore to spoil his marriage he set a plan to arrest Sunny. So police come there, and arrest him, with the proof. Munna & Baccha taking advantage of their fight, because they want rule in Jamtara. To know more about the show read Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation. Moreover Click here to check review of Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation.

  • Police is interogating Sunny, – How ddi you get so much money in that old man’s account? Where did you get the money from?
  • Sunny is repying I don’t know sir, I didn’t pay anything.
  • Then Police start to hit Sunny meanwhile his father take all blame in his head, that he did everything.
  • Furthermore the witness run away from the police station.

Here we know, Munna & Bccha, gave Rocky that idea to arrest Sunny.

Now all boys is suspecting on Rocky, that he’s involved to arrest Sunny. Where they’re requesting from Rocky to get Sunny out. Then Rocky reply – Whatever has to happen, will happen. You guys look out for your own, next number will be your. Only one man can save you now, and that is Brajesh Bhaan.

Now Rocky took all, in Brajesh Bhaan home, where they saw, Brajesh oragnise a call center from all Phishing boys. Where he get a deal – All the work will be done from here, and I’ll get 50% of whatever ou earn.

In the next scene When Sunny and his father get out from the jail. Then Gudiya is telling him – You know the guy who conned you isn’t at fault. It’s your fault because you’re a moron. There is no right way to do a wrong thing, just earn money , that’s important. When you’re rich and powerful, people will start respecting you.

Fire Of war

  • In Gudiya’s coching center, now Sunny and Gudiya is giving their student, a Phishing training, to earn more. In return she promise to them, she’ll pay some money to them.
  • They’re performing good, but one day Munna & Bccha again quietly make, Sunny’s video.

So next day at night, someone burned Gudiya’s coching center.

And The Episode 4 Ends Here.