Gautam Rode And Wife Pankhuri Awasthy Announced Their Recovery

Gautam Rode is one of the most well known actor of the TV industry. In februry 2018 the couple got married. Actor Gautam Rode was last seen in the TV show Kaal Bhairav Rahsya and her wife Pankhuri Awasthy is an indian television and film actress. Moreover She was seen in many TV show like Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai, and then Draupadi in Surya putra Karn. So the couple had come to Lucknow for Bhaai Dooj last month and soon after returning to Mumbai contracted the virus. So now Gautam Rode And Wife Pankhuri Awasthy Announced Their Recovery from COVID -19.

Few months ago the couple Gautam Rode and his wife Pankhuri Awasthy went Lucknow for Diwali celebration with family. After that Bhaai Dooj celebration. Then they tested positive on 30th of november, But now they both recovered from CORONA virus.

Gautam Rode And Wife Pankhuri Awasthy Announced Their Recovery
“Gautam Rode And Wife Pankhuri Awasthy Announced Their Recovery”

Moreover Gautam Rode recently shared a post with his wife, he said in his post – “Hey friends, posting these happy picture as we complete our 14 days of quarantine. Furthermore we tested positive on the 30th november, But thankfully we both have recovered now. But the virus is still around here and the people is getting infected everyday. So till the time the vaccine is avvailable for us to use let’s continue taking precaution, have a great week ahead”.

The couple said we need to be careful even after recovering from COVID- 19. Day by day everyone is taking CORONA VIRUS so lightly, which can make things more wrose. So its necessary for everyone should need to be careful and take precautions properly. We are not sure here if one can get it again or not. Because whether it will attack 65plus age person or a youngster. So all of us need to be under precaution.

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