Cubicles Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1 to 5)

The story of the Cubicles revolves around Piyush. Piyush, who enters the IT sector and gradually his life starts changing. In this article you can find SonyLiv most popular series Cubicles Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1 to 5). Moreover in this link you’ll get Cubicles Season 2 video explanation.

Piyush got tired from his office work. Because his life is revolving around office to home, and home to office. Meanwhile he received a message – “All client meetings scheduled for this week are cancelled, due to office wall collapsed”. After that Piyush looks happy, and he arranged a small party in his house, with some friends. Piyush’s friend Kalpesh had settled in foreign, therefore he and Gautam is living together. It’s been a year in his job, and now he’s not enjoying his job. On the other side “Angad” looks strict towards his job, altogether, he’s also working in trading. A new employee Dilip joined office today, he’s aged, and sometime he looks frenzy.

Sunaina is a new employee, then Megha introduced her with all employee. Sunina is a ambition, clever, and inteligent girl. Piyush wants to quit his job, but after looks at Sunaina he get inspired. One day Piyush system crashed, and his all data hacked. Megha is shouting on Piyush,and warning him to fix the system. Dilip is enjoying his trouble, thereafter Piyush bring down his all frustration on Dilip, he chided and accused Dilip. After some time, somehow he fixed the computer, and then he and Gautam plan to drink tonight. He’s drunk, and in a drunken state, he send his resignation mail in office email address.

Cubicles Season 2 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 1 to 5)

Next morning when he wake up, he think that he did a huge mistake, he told his friend Gautam and Gambhir, about this trouble. They reached in office, here Supriya informed them, all employee will give their review test and on the basis of test result, their salary increment will decide. After the test, Gambhir got A3, Gautam scored A2, and Piyush scored A1. Piyush is having regrets, what he did last night. They invite Angad for bear Party, when Angad reached in their house, firstly they offered him bear, then they try to convinced him to delete Piyush’s resignations mail from the office computer. After many wishes finally Angad say yes, and next day he deleted Piyush’s mail.

Megha is inviting Gautam in her cabin, here she informed him that he is going to goa, for complete an imp assingmnet. Gautam looks happy, he planned many things, that how he’ll enjoy in Goa. But Sunaina destroyed Gautam’s all plan, she cunningly manipulate Megha, and then Megha replace Gautam. In the next scene Piyush get his personal cabin in his office. But Piyush received an interview offer from other company and he got selected.

  • Now piyush puzzled,in between to differentiate staying with his cubicles, or joins a new oportunity. And he’s unable to decide what should be right for him. Finally he thinks over the night and decide, he’s allowing Sunaina to sit in his cabin, and trying to convince her, to handover the project of Goa trip to Gautam. Because it was his dream. After many wishes Sunaina get agree.
  • Now many employee is working under Piyush, because he promoted. But Piyush decide to live in his cubicles, with his friends. He’s looking positiveness with his circle, and he learnt a lesson “be happy with what you get”.

And The Season 2 Ends Here.

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