Check here An Intresting Frightening Gigantic Turn In -Money Heist Season 4 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi

At the end of Money Heist Season 4 Episode 3 we have seen that Palermo helps Gandia to remove his handcuffs. Furthermore he did this to take back his incharge position. Gandia is the ex-millitary officer and now he’s one of the powerful bodyguard of governer. To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 4 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover Click here to check Money Heist Season 4 review.

“Money Heist Season 4 Episode 4 Explanation In English & Hindi

In the first scene story is turn 5years ago –

  • Where Berlin is going inside the Bank Of Spain to check there security. Berlin is taking his appointment to meet to governer, meanwhile Gandia who is suspecting on Berlin so he’s saying to go with him. In this appointment when he met to governer he gave him an idea to change their cash in gold.
  • Berlin intentionally do an exclusive attack there to check security and weapon in Bank Of Spain. Where Berlin notice the advance millitary weapon there.
  • So he suggest Professor and Palermo to kill Gandia otherwise he can kill us during heist. But Professor deny and said we’re not killer.

“Now Story Turn In Present”

  • In the next scene “Gandia” who run away from the group of hostages and now he goes there, where is Nairobi. When Nairobi get conscious she find Gandia there, and he’s trying to kill her, meanwhile Nairobi injected a needle on his neck and till then Tokyo and Helsinki comes there. Now Tokyo and Helsinki is searching Gandia.
  • Gandia is very powerful, when Helsinki and Tokyo go to find him. Then Gandia hanged Helsinki with the rope. Meanwhile Bogota and Tokyo rescue him at a time.
  • Now all robbers are suspecting on Rio he remove Gandia’s handcuffs, because he was there to keep an eyes on Hostages.
  • Meanwhile Professor call and tells them Rio is not traitor. The biggest threat is Gandia communicating with the outside. Now Professor is saying to all about Gandia what Berlin told to Professor.

Now Tokyo and Helsinki go after the ‘Gandia’ to find him.

In the next scene we know Alicia, who tortured Rio very badly, and now she’s interrogating Raquel. Alicia husband died two months before due to cancer. Still she’s handling the case very bravily.

“Gandia Makes Everyone Scare”

  • Palermo is manupilating ‘Denver’ to cut their bar, he’ll help you to find Gandia. But Denver ignored him. Now all robbers is behind the ‘Gandia’, But he’s very sharp minded and he now every corner of Bank Of Spain. He used governer personal room which can only use by the governer in any trouble, and this room is a secret room. When Gandia go there he contact outside with ‘Colonel’.
  • Gandia tells to Colonel – I am Gandia talking inside the bank, I’ve managed to escape. I am calling you from the panic room furthermore from here I can monitor all their movements, with the internal security and surveillance system. Gandia is now asking to kill all of them.
  • Colonel reply then – I can’t give you an order officially but you can kill them in self defence.

Now Antonanzas call Professor and tells him – People are gonna die in there on Colonel’s order. Gandia called the tent, and he’s in a panic room with military weapon, there is cameras and he can see evrything.

Professor call Tokyo and tells her everything but till then Gandia attacked on Tokyo.

And The Episode Ends Here.