Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Is Decorating Christmas Tree

Christmas day celebrate an every year on 25 december. Recently Shilpa Shetty shared a photo and video on her instagram handle with her son Viaan shetty . Consequently she is doing prepration for christmas day. Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Is Decorating Christmas Tree with red and white ballons, hanging stars, twinkling lights, and different-different shapes of ornaments, yellow lights, and some candy’s on tree. Furthermore she shared a picture where she made a shocked face for Viaan shetty, and Viaan shetty giving a pose where he was eating some candy cane.

This is Viaan Shetty favourite tradition. Thats why the shetty family is pre -preparing and decorating the christmas tree. Shilpa Shetty shared a picture on her instagram handle. She shared a post – ” Viaan thought the candy cane was yum, Whoever said it was easy being mum, Decorating the tree together is our favourite tradition ; T is the time to be jolly….fa la la la…la la la”.

Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Is Decorating Christmas Tree

“Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty Is Decorating Christmas Tree”

This is really challenging year for everyone to whole world. So everyone is praying and waiting for some good vibes in this year. Moreover festivals and tradition are one who remove all bed vibes and make you joy with lots of prosperity. Because our festivals and tradition is only way to forget all these crisis which happened in 2020. So it’s better to share your happiness with all.

Shilpa Shetty and her son Viaan Shetty reminds everyone – please get up, the christmas day will coming soon and go and get ready for them. Shilpa Shetty fans showing love on Shilpa and Viaan in the comment section of her instagram post –

  • ” So sweet both of you”
  • “The perfect mum and son”
  • “Soo cute of both of them”
  • “Perfect mom with her cute son”
  • “Thanks for remind us the festive is coming soon” etc fans is showing so much love for her and her cute son Viaan.
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