You’ll Get Here An Amazing Official Explanation Of Breathe Web-Series Starcast & Important Role Of Theirs & More About This Web- Series

Breathe web series is an amazing web series of Amazon Prime. Where R-Madhvan is seeing in a lead role with other co-star Amit Sadh. Where you can see crime darama thriller. Furthermore this series is based on real life truth – “whom we love most how far will we go to protect them”, So this web series is based on same concept, Where R-Madhvan is looking in a “Danny” character. Furthermore he is a single parents of his child named “Josh”. Where he can do everything for him to save his life.Moreover You Can Check Here Breathe Web Series In Prime Video.  But before go in full series watch Breathe Web-Series Starcast & Important Role Of Theirs.

Director –

  • Mayank Sharma.

Story Written By –

  • Mayank Sharma.
  • Abhijeet Deshpande.

Produced By –

  • Abundantia.

“Breathe Web-Series Starcast & Important Role Of Theirs.”

  • Denzil “Danny” As [R.Madhvan] – He is looking in a role of a single parents of his child. Where his child is suffering from lungs probleam, and he have only 6 months to survive. So Danny who does everything to safe his child. Furthermore he is a sports teacher where teach football to his students.
  • Kabir Sawant As [Amit Sadh] – He is playing a role of Senior Inspector. Kabir have a further story in this web series where he have a daughter named R but she has died in an accident which is not easy to forgot for Kabir. So he goes in a depression.
  • Ria Ganguly As [Sapna Pabbi] – She is the wife of Kabir Sawant. But after 3 years of their daughter death she decide to divorce Kabir. Because Kabir is not moving on from his past, which is effecting their relationship.
  • Juliet Mascarenhas As [Neena Kulkarni] – She is looking in a role of mother of Danny, and granny of Josh. Who take care of her grand son in a whole day.
  • Joshua “Josh” Mascarenhas As [Atharva Vishwakarma] – He is the main charcter of the web series Breathe. Where he is playing a Danny’s single son role. Who is suffering from lungs probleam, and he have only six month to survive.
  • Inspector Prakash Kamble As [Hrishikesh Joshi] – He is the assistent of Kabir Sawant. Where he always work under the Kabir, and helped Kabir in his all cases.
Prakash Kamble (Breathe), Actor TV series
  • Dr. Aruna Sharma As [Shriswara] – So Shriswara is looking in a role of Doctor Aruna. Furthermore she is the doctor of Josh.
Breathe" Blind Man's Bluff (TV Episode 2018) - Shriswara as Dr. Aruna  Sharma - IMDb
  • Malwankar As [Shrikant Yadav] – He is playing a dis-honest police role.
Shrikant Yadav - IMDb

“Breathe Important Role and Starcast”

  • Margaret Mascarenhas As [Urmila Kantikar] –
  • Shaina As [Madhura Naik] – Madhura Naik is looking in a role of Shaina, Where she have a tatto shop, and she work there with her boyfriend. But she loves Danny.
  • Shankar Patil As [Kali Parsad Mukherjee] – He is looking in a supporting role.
Shankar Patil (Breathe), Actor TV series
  • Anita As [Jayashree Venketaramanan] –
  • Samee As [Anuj Sachdeva] – Anuj Sachdeva is lookin in a role of Samee. Furthermore he is playing a role of great painting artist, and he wrok with Riya.

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