Money Heist Season 4 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi – Here You’ll Get A Heart Breaking Myths Time Of Robbers.

At the end of Money Heist Season 3 we have seen that all robbers trapped in trouble. Moreover Nairobi shooted by the cops, Raquel is now under arrest. But Professor is thinking Cops shooted the gun on Raquel. Will this heist possible, in between all this trouble? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 4 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover Click here to check Money Heist Season 4 review.

“Money Heist Season 4 Episode 1 Explanation In English & Hindi”

Professor is running inside the jungle, In the next side all robbers is looking in an anxiety because of Nairobi condition. In tent Colonel is feeling same, because his force wounded very badly in bomb attack.

  • Now Palermo calls professor and asking they need a surgeon for Nairobi. Professor is replying – We fired an antitank at them. So this time they’re not going to give us a surgeon. But we need to get the surgeon from Pakistan. Meanwhile Professor notice cop’s are following him, so he run away from there and hide somewhere, now professor call one of his man named “Marseille”, who is helping professor from outside.

  • Now Marseille take a car and running inside the jungle furthermore he call police where Alicia is receiving his call and this call is directly linked with professor. They are tracing the signal, then Colonel give that signal location to their staff, who was searching professor in jungle, and all are go in that location.
  • That mean all are now behinding the “Marseille”, who is in the car. Now “Marseille” intentionally pretand to accident that car and left some goods of professor there. When the cops reached there they think professor died in accident and he was in that car. “Marseille” who was driving the car, is runing away from there.

“Nairobi Surgeory”

  • In the next side Rio is trying to make contact, to allow access from Pakistani Surgeon. Meanwhile the fight splashed in between robbers. So now Tokyo take incharge of Palermo, and all are with Tokyo.
  • They are taking instruction from the surgeon and doing Nairobi surgeory. Meanwhile they need ‘O’ negative and ‘A’ negative, blood so Denver ask for help to Hostages who considered that blood group.
  • In the next side police notice the signal “robbers are communicating with someone from outside”.
  • Because the surgeon is giving an instrustion to robbers during surgeory. Now the surgeon said to cut the lower part of Nairobi lungs meanwhile “Colonel” break all signals. So there is no signal and they can’t contact with the doctors.

And The Episode Ends Here.