Money Heist Season 2 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 9) Here You’ll Get An Exclusive Way Of Final Conclusion.

At the end of Money Heist Season 2 Episode 8 we have seen that Professor finally met to the Robbers. Meanwhile Raquel find the professor real control room from where he was accessing all things. But when Professor tied her then she said she is now on the side of robbers. Then she go to meet Angel. What will be the conclusion of Heist? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 2 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 9). Moreover click here to check the review of Money Heist Season 2.

“Money Heist Season 2 Ending Explanation In English & Hindi (Episode 9)”

  • In the first scene of the episode Berlin is telling to Nairobi – we’re leaving, Nairobi said – there’s still some money left to pack. Berlin tells – Its enough now.
  • Raquel is going inside the hospital to met Angel. Meanwhile Mr.Prieto traced the call of Angel, and now they know Raquel is going to meet Angel.
  • Raquel is now apologizing her mistake, that she didn’t believe on Angel, and fired him from the case. Angel is replying – Don’t need to sorry ! tell me why did they discharge you from the case? Raquel reply –Because they think I am part of the robbery. Angel – But you were in a relationship with that guy? Rauel reply – yes.
  • Meanwhile the police reached there, to interogate Raquel, then they take Raquel with them.

Tokyo and Rio is now attaching explosive in every wall of the Mint. Meanwhile the cops attacked on Tokyo, and reach inside the house. Tokyo and Rio is fighting with them very bravily. But they shoot Tokyo, then Denver comes there and back fired on the cops.

“Angel Didn’t Disclose Any Info”

  • In the next scene Mr.Prieto is asking Angel – You woke up, but you didn’t tell anyone except Raquel , why?
  • Angel reply – Beacause we’re friends. Now Prieto is saying – She almost ended your career and your life too, so tell me truth? But Angel again reply him she’s my friend.
  • Then Prieto said – You took Salva teaspoon and then you gave it to forensic team. So tell me the adress of Salva? But Angel reply – He have no memory right now. Angel is intentionally don’t sharing anything with the officers because he loves Raquel and he wants to save her.
  • All forces now enter in to the Mint, they release some hostages. Now they’re finding robbers. All robbers is now fastly moving in the tunnel, But Berlin is alone there who’s fighting with the cops to save other robbers life.
  • In the other scene Prieto is torturing Raquel threatning her – If she didn’t give them Salva’s adress then she’ll under arrest for next 30 year, and will stay away from her daughter and mother. Now Raquel gives them Salva’s adress.

“Berlin Sacrifice His Life For Other Robbers”

  • Professor is continously begging for Berlin – please come in to the tunnel, but he’s fighting with them alone. Meanwhile one cops fired on Berlin and he die.
  • Now Professor is loosing his control and crying because Berlin was professor younger brother.
  • Now Nairobi is saying to get move on from the situation.
  • Then All the robbers run away from there.

Now story turn after 1 year, where Raquel is missing Professor. When she check some gift card of Professor she find, professor mention his loaction on it. Then Raquel go there, and finally she met Professor again.

And The Season 2 Ends Here.