Friends Sesaon 1 Explanation In English (Episode 1, 2,)

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Friends Friends Season 1

 Friends is an American television show, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. Moreover it’s One of television’s top-ranked series and the recipient of numerous Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. Altogether this show is now available on Netflix. So here you can read Friends Web-Series Starcast & Important Role Of Theirs. Moreover click here to watch Friends. To know more about the show read Friends Sesaon 1 Explanation In English (Episode 1, 2).

Friends Sesaon 1 Explanation In English (Episode 1, 2)

Episode 1-

  • In Episode 1 we see the Central Perk famous coffee shop of the city where Joey, Monica, Phoebe, &Chandler are sitting there. They all are discussing about Monica’s date with one guy. Meanwhile Ross Geller enter there, and he’s looking sad. Beacuse Ross wife is lessbian, so she left him alone. But all friends is making fun of Ross.
  • Meanwhile then Rachel enter there she wore bridal dress and she said Hello to Monica. Then Monica introduced Rachel to her friends, and then she asked her – why you are here in bridal look?
  • Rachel reply – She ran away from her marriage
  • Next scene we see Monica’s flat where all friends are watching spanish show but Rachel is talking to her father. She’s giving an explanation to her father she don’t want to marry that guy because she don’t like him. Then she decide to live in Monica’s apartment.
  • Meanwhile Monica’s boy-friend “Paul” comes there Beacuse they’re going for a date and then they go. Where Paul share his ex-wife story, how his wife betrayed him.
  • In the next scene Rachel is calling ‘Barry” and confessing her situation why she ran from her marriage. Beacuse she don’t loves him and she got it at the moment.
  • In the next scene Monica is working in restaurent as a chef, where her colleague named “Franey” is asking Monica – Do you have sex yesterday? Then Monica reply – How do you know I was in date? Do you know Paul? Then Franey reply her – Yes ! two years earlier,he’was in relationship with me. Now Monica knew Paul lied to her.
  • In the last scene Ross is saying to Rachel that he had a major crush on her, then Rachel reply yeah I know!. Ross asked her – Would it be okay if I asked you out sometime maybe? Rachel reply – yeah. and then she go to sleep.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.

Episode 2 –

  • Episode start from central perk coffee shop, and all six friends are there. Meanwhile Monica is saying – Kiss is more important for all, as important our body part for us. Then Joey reply –But I think for us kissing is pretty much like an opening act. It’s like the stand up comedian you have to sit through before pink floyd comes in.
  • In the next scene we see Ross Geller in a museum, where her ex wife comes to meet him. Then she tells him she is pregnant.

Now Ross goes in his apartment then Monica open the door, she notice Ross is looking sad. When Monica ask him what happened? Then Ross reply – Carol’s pregnant. Moreover Carol and her girlfriend Susan want to cradle my child.

In the next scene in Monica’s apartment her mother and father comes there. She prepared dinner for them, now Monica, convince Ross to tell the truth about your ex-wife Carol. Then Ross said – Mom, Dad you were thinking about me and Carol. So now I am telling you why we saprated, because Carol is lesbian, and she wants to live with her girlfriend. Morover she’s pregnant.

In the next scene we see central perk coffee shop where all friends is there. Monica is saying – why we can’t change our parents? If it’ll possible then how good it’ll for us. Then Phoebe reply –But it’s even worse when you’re twins. Rachel ask Phoebe – You’re twins? Phoebe said – Yeah! But we don’t speak with each other.

“Strange Situation”

Now Ross goes to hospital to watch her ex-wife sonography, but Carol girlfriend Susan is there. In the next scene Rachel goes to Barry office to return her engagement ring. She felt sorry because she left her marriage, But she notice Barry is looking happy not upset. Rachel asked him – you went alone in your honeymoon? Then Barry reply her- No, I went with “Mindi”, and I like to say you thanks because I am happy with Mindi.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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